Questions Asked in UIIC AO Exam

UIIC AO Exam Questions Asked

UIIC AO Exam was conducted on 29th May 2016. Below we will provide Questions Asked in the exam.

Questions Asked in UIIC AO Exam : 12th June 2016 

Following questions were asked in the UIIC AO Exam:

English Questions Asked in UIIC AO Exam

The Questions asked were:

Fill in the Blanks:

  • Speeds elsewhere are usually too slow for the service, though_____, the rewarding markets lie in second- and third-tier towns, and even semi-rural areas_____of media.
    A. ironically, starved
    B. suddenly, filled
    C. occasionally, satisfied
    D. cautiously, fed
  • The Centre might be forced to suspend further_____of the fiscal deficit as well as squeeze every last penny through better tax collection and more______from the PSUs.
    A. decline, development
    B. reduction, dividends
    C. increase, ratio
    D. development, issues
  • In a_____under-banked country like ours, any move to______financial inclusion is welcome.
    A. small, stuffing
    B. narrow, satiety
    C. vastly , deepen
    D. little, ample
  • Even after Independence, the state used this law to_______interrupt filmmakers’ artistic vision, often changing endings and_______scenes to be reshot.
    A. crudely , forcing
    B. gentle, polishing
    C. nicely, powerlessness
    D. tastefully, weakness
  • It has often chosen to play_______moral guardian rather than________films by content and letting audiences make informed decisions.
    A. smile, tangling
    B. staring , distorting
    C. glowering , labelling
    D. pleasing, confusing


Quantitative Aptitude Questions Asked in UIIC AO Exam

The Questions asked were:

Number Series:

  • 322    160    78     36    14    ?
  • 60    61    69    91    134   ?
  • 82   80   85   75    90  ?
  • 360   72   18   6   ?   3
  • 3   5   13   43   ?   891
  • 15   7   6   7.5   13   ?


The present age of Rene is three times that of his son. Rene’s daughter is 4 years younger to his son and also 2/9 of Rene’s age. What is the present age of the son?

General Awareness Questions Asked in UIIC AO Exam

  • First state in the country to give transgender people social welfare benefits – such as a pension, housing and food? Odisha
  • Bassel is a city in? Switzerland
  • Capital Small Finance Bank Headquarters? Jalandhar
  • In BASEL III HQLA full form? High Quality Liquid Asset
  • Who is the Attorney General of India? Mukul Rohtagi
  • Where is Kaziranga National Park located? Assam
  • Which Indian Basketball player has been drafted into a major NBA team? Satnam Singh
  • Who won the Italian Open Tennis tournament? Andy Murray
  • Who was reappointed by ICC? Anil Kumble
  • With which payment system has ICICI tied up? FINO PayTech
  • Full form of CRT? Cathode Ray Tube
  • Futian High Speed train station is in? China
  • Full form of BBB? Bank Board Bureau
  • When is Anti-Corruption Day? 9 December.
  • Where did G7 Summit take place? Japan
  • SBI and 4 other banks received permission in which country to operate 100% fully owned banks? Myanmar
  • IRDA headquarters are at? Hyderabad
  • Which university awards APJ Abdul Kalam scholarship? Jamia Milia

Computer Knowledge Questions Asked in UIIC AO Exam

  • Full form of PDF : Portable Document Format
  • Full form of MAC : Media Access Control
  • Full form of HTTP : Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
  • Full form of SOAP : Simple Object Access Protocol

Descriptive English Questions Asked in UIIC AO Exam


  • Letter to your branch to transfer your policy from one city to another.
  • Letter to a friend about benefits of Medi-claim Policy.
  • Letter to MilkyWay insurance company to claim for damaged consignment of goods.


  • Benefits of taking an insurance policy at a younger age.
  • Penetration of insurance in the rural sector.
  • What is meant by “Insurance is a subject matter of solicitation.”

Friends, this is just an overview based on the feedback of candidates who attempted this exam. We will be uploading new articles after every slot to give you the Best Possible Update about the Exam.

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