Questions Asked in SSC CGL 2016 Exam on 3 September 2016

Dear Mockbankers, The Eighth day of the SSC CGL Tier I exam is going on. The level of the paper was somewhat easy.

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In this post we are sharing Questions Asked in SSC CGL 2016 Exam on 3 September 2016. Here are some of the Questions asked in today’s exam.

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Questions Asked in SSC CGL 2016 Exam on 3 September 2016

Morning Shift

  1. Who is the father of green Revolution?
  2. Who said Din-e -Ilahi as something folly rather than wisdom?
  3. Speakers sub,its resignation to Whom? Deputy Speaker
  4. SWarna Jayanti Shahhari Rojgaar Yojana is related to? Urban Poverty
  5. Bible of Socialism?
  6. Forward bloc was formed by? Subhash Chandra Bose
  7. Bioremediation is?
  8. First Indian Woman to climb Mount Everest? Bachchendri Pal
  9. Zero degree Kelvin is equal to? -273 degree Celsius.
  10. Mudra bank…??
  11. Loksabha president ..??
  12. North Korea hydrogen bomb test..??
  13. Insurance head..??
  14. 1st national park of India…??
  15. Bridge bnana is related to which game?

Afternoon Shift

  1. How would a Bubble in blood, affect the blood flow in body? – Air embolism in blood
  2. What is bank rate? – The rate at which RBI gives loan to commercial banks
  3. Who was not associated with Gadar party
  4. Tenure of governor – Five Years
  5. Who can remove the president from his post – Parliament
  6. The weight is maximum at – Poles
  7. Aryabhatta and Kalidas were in which emperor’s court? – Chandragupta
  8. Which crop’s production did Green revolution improve the most? – Wheat

Evening Shift

  1. Highest Carbon percentage in which coal – Anthracite
  2. Outermost surface of Sun – Corona
  3. Ujjawala Yojna related to – Cooking fuel
  4. Ganga and Indus basin separated at – Ambala
  5. Agriculture tax was removed by which government recently – Karnataka
  6. Which of the following is a method to calculate GDP – Income approach
  7. What is the new capital of Andhra Pradesh? – Amravati
  8. Largest internet user in world – China
  9. Part of brain for understanding motor function – Motor Cortex
  10. Project Sankalp is for – AIDS
  11. Which Veda is related to lyrics? – Samaveda
  12. Xylem in plants is for? – Water transport in plants
  13. Name the chemical present in bee’s sting – Histamine

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