Quantitative Aptitude Questions

Quantitative Aptitude Topic of the day: Profit & Loss

These questions deals with Selling Price(P), And Cost price(CP). When selling price is greater than cost price then profit And when cost price is greater than selling price then loss.
Profit = SP-CP (SP>CP)
Loss = CP-SP (CP>SP)

Profit and loss questions are very easy to solve. Following formulae should be kept in mind while solving profit loss questions in bank exams.

  1. Profit % = (Profit x 100)/CP
  2. CP= {100 /(100+profit%)} x SP
  3. CP={100/(100-loss%)} x SP

Attempt the following questions to check your level of preparedness for profit loss questions in competitive exams. You can answer the questions in comments section. Also make sure you checkout tomorrow’s (September 9) Winner’s Curry Lunch update for solutions to these questions along with the formulae used in VIDEO format by our Subject Expert.

Question 1 : If the cost price of 10 articles is equal to the selling price of 16 articles, then the loss percent is

A) 30
B) 37.5
C) 42.5
D) 45

Question 2: A man sold some articles at a gain of 10%. He spent his total sale proceeds to purchase such articles again. This time, while selling them, he incurred a loss of 10%. His loss or gain in the transaction was

A) 1% loss
B) 1% gain
C) no profit no loss
D) 2% loss

Question 3: Some toffies are bought at the rate 11 for Rs. 10 & some at the rate of 9 for Rs. 10.If whole lot is sold at Rs.1 per toffee. Find gain or loss in whole transaction?

A) loss 1%
B) gain 1%
C) neither gain nor loss
D) gain of 1.5%

Question 4: A clock was sold for Rs. 144. If the percentage of profit was numerically equal to the cost price, the cost of the clock was

A) Rs. 72
B) Rs. 80
C) Rs. 90
D) Rs.100

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