Quantitative Aptitude Questions

Quantitative Aptitude Topic of the day: Percentage

Percent is derived from a phrase in latin “per centum” which means per hundred. It is a ratio with base (denominator) 100. It evolved as a concept so that there can be a uniform platform for comparing different values.

Percentage Questions are more or less similar and are of easy to medium difficulty level. The key to answering percentage questions is knowing the formulae by heart.

Attempt the following questions to check your level of preparedness for competitive exams. You can answer the questions in comments section. Also make sure you checkout tomorrow’s (September 8)  Winner’s Curry Lunch update for solutions to these questions along with the formulae used in VIDEO format by our Subject Expert.

Question 1 : The population of a state increases by 10% every year. If its population in the year 2013 was 15 lakhs, what was it’s population in the year 2005 (in lakhs)?

A) 6.99

B) 15.5

C) 17.25

D) 18.25

Question 2: The sum of two numbers is 2490. If 6.5% of one number is equal to 8.5% of the other then the numbers are:

A) 989, 1501

B) 1011, 1479

C) 1401, 1089

D) 1411, 1079

Question 3: Depreciation applicable to an equipment is 20%. The value of the equipment 3 years from now will be less by:

A) 56700

B) 57600

C) 58800

D) 60000

Question 4: A’s salary is 50% more than B’s. How much percent is B’s salary less than A’s?

A) 33%

B) 33.25%

C) 33.33%

D) 33.50%

Question 5: p is six times as large as q. The percent that q is less than p, is:

A)16 2/3 %

B) 60 %

C) 83 1/3 %

D) 90


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