PSU Recruitment Through GATE 2016 Exam


Almost all PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings) in India hire their Engineering requirements through GATE (GRADUATE APTITUDE TEST in ENGINEERING). GATE exam tests not just your technical knowledge, but also your analytical and logical skills. To get a high score in GATE exams, you need to have clear fundamentals and practice extensively through mock test in test like conditions. A good GATE score can guarantee your hiring in the best PSUs in India and there after sky is the limit.

PSU Recruitment Through GATE 2016 Exam

PSUs which regularly hire using GATE scores include ONGC, NTPC, Indian Oil Corporation, HPCL, BPCL, Power Grid etc. Entry level salary of these hires range from 5 lakh to 12 lakhs.

Some of the recent Notifications of PSU Recruitment Through GATE 2016 are given below

PSU Hiring Using GATE Score

Company# of
GATEBranchesLast DateStatus
DMRC114GATE 2016/2015EE, EC26/05/16 – 27/06/16
BHEL200GATE 2016ME, EE, EC, MT04/01/16 – 01/02/16Notification Closed
PSTCLto be
GATE 2016ME, EE, ECE, IN, CE, CSWill be announcedNotification Closed
CABINET SECRETARIAT20GATE 2016CS, ECE, PH, CYAfter GATE ResultNotification Closed
NHPC99GATE 2016EE,CE,ME,GG01/01/16 – 01/02/16Notification Closed
BPCLGATE 2016ME, CH, IN17/12/15 – 30/01/16Notification Closed
MDLGATE 2016ME,EE18/12/15 – 01/02/16Notification Closed
IOCLGATE 2016CS, IT, CE, ME, EE, ECE, IN, MT, PE17/12/15 – 07/02/16Notification Closed
ONGCGATE 2016ALLJanuary 2016 OnwardNotification Closed
GAIL67GATE 2016ME, EE, CH, IN, ECE, CS&IT22/12/15 – 29/01/16Notification Closed
HPCLNAGATE 2016ME,EC,EE,CE,IN19/12/15 – 02/02/16Notification Closed
POWERGRIDNAGATE 2016EE, CS, EC, CE15/01/2015 – 29/02/2016Notification Closed
NLCLNAGATE 2016ME,EC,EE,CE,IN,CS,23/12/15 – 22/01/16Notification Closed
WBSEDCLNAGATE 2016EE17/12/15 OnwardNotification Closed
NTPCNAGATE 2016ME,EE,IN,ECE,CS&IT5/1/2016Notification Closed
PSPCLNAGATE 2016EE,EEE5/1/2016Notification Closed
NBCCNAGATE 2016CEDecember 2016Notification Closed
OILNAGATE 2016ME, GG15/01/2016 – 14/02/2016Notification Closed
NHAINAGATE 2015CELast Date- 10/04/2015Notification Closed
POWERGRIDNAGATE 2015CS, IT, CE15/01/2015 – 27/02/2015Notification Closed
NBCC27GATE 2015CE20/01/2015 – 19/02/2015Notification Closed
GSECL50GATE 2015EE, ME, IN15/03/2015 – 30/03/2015Notification Closed
PSPCLNAGATE 2015EC,EE,ME,IN,CE,CSNANotification Closed
NTPCNAGATE 2015EE, ME,IN ,EC20/12/14 – 19/01/15Notification Closed
AAINAGATE 2015EC,ETCNANotification Closed
BNPM30GATE 2015ME,EC,EE,CHNANotification Closed
BBNLNAGATE 2015EC,EE,CS,ITNANotification Closed
NBCCNAGATE 2015CENANotification Closed
IRCONNAGATE 2015ME,EE,CE,S&I15/01/15 – 27/02/15Notification Closed
OPGC30GATE 2015ME,EE,CE,IN,E&I01/01/15 – 31/01/15Notification Closed
HPCLNAGATE 2015ME,EC,EE,CE,IN18/12/14 – 02/02/15Notification Closed
THDCNAGATE 2015ME,EE,CENANotification Closed
MDL34GATE 2015ME,EE18/12/14 – 02/02/15Notification Closed
CELNABE / B.TechME,EC,EENANotification Closed
NHPCNAGATE 2015Electrical01/01/15 – 31/01/15Notification Closed
BPCL400GATE 2015ME, CH, EE, CE, IN17/12/14 – 30/01/15Notification Closed
IOCLNAGATE 2015CS, IT, CE, ME, EE, ECE, IN17/12/14 – 21/02/15Notification Closed
POWERGRIDNAGATE 2015ElectricalNANotification Closed
COAL IndiaNAGATE 2015ME,EE,GG,MNNANotification Closed
ONGC745GATE 2015NANANotification Closed
MECL12GATE 2015ME20/12/2014 – 10/01/2015Notification Closed
L&TNAGATE 2015CE, ME, EENANotification Closed
SAIL Recruitment256BE / B.TechCS, EC, EE, IN, ME, CELast Date – 18/03/15Notification Closed
NHPC Recruitment128BE / B.TechCE, ME, ECLast Date – 23/02/15Notification Closed
RBI Recruitment38BE / B.TechCE, EELast Date – 17/01/15Notification Closed
RRB RecruitmentNABE / B.TechME,CE,EE,IN,IT,ECLast Date – 19/10/14Notification Closed
ECIL Recruitment7BE / B.TechME, CE, EE, CS, EC E&ILast Date – 20/10/14Notification Closed

We will update the list of PSU Recruitment Through GATE 2016 regularly.

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