Preparation Tips

Preparation tips for the last few days before an exam go a long way in determining a candidate’s performance. In the current article, I will elaborate on the essential tips and tricks for candidates during the last week of any competitive examination. From ‘Power Reading’ to ‘Drilling down,‘ These Are the Tricks and Tips You Should Be Adopting a Week before Your Entrance Exams

Preparation Tips

Tick-tock! Tick-tock! Tick-tock!

In exam time, doesn’t the calendar and the clock only remind the students of slipping moments?

It is too obvious to feel the pressure as your months of hard work and preparation to get through the entrance exam is on the verge of being tested. It is the time to go through the final streak of keynotes and solve the mock tests. Revising the whole syllabus in just one week is a tricky business. You might crash down on the management front. The constant buzz of the clock will merely add on to the anxiety.

However, hey! Don’t get cold feet. “Remember! Time can be your slave if you use it wisely.”

With our super ea sy and quick Study Tips, you will be able to power through your performance and rise above the occasion. Read on to find the solution.


Top Preparation Tips to Follow A Week Before Examination

Stop Being a Procrastinator

Edward Young said, “Procrastination is the thief of time.” Moreover, if you are still calculating the days left doing nothing, then you handed the treasure key to the thief yourself.

It is time to put an end to the planning phase and turn-on the act mode. Get your notes lined up and finish the topics that are still left uncovered. Catch the basic concept of the subject and check whether you have understood everything or not.

The more you will delay, the less time you will have to nail the revisions. Be a Pro, start today!


Target Your Weak Spots

You have almost reached the dead end of your timeline. From now, the tagline would be “It’s now or never.” If you’re still not familiar with your weak areas, you need to pay attention.

Prepare a quick SWOT analysis to know what concepts you are confident about and what theories take much of your time. Work on that later. If that still takes time, try another approach to overcome this problem. Also, focus on your repetitive mistakes.

Focusing on the recurring errors will help you minimize them. As a result, you will not lose marks over the silly mistakes.


Self-Police Your Speed & Accuracy

“Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.” Wyatt Earp
Your speed matters and so does your accuracy.Keep track of the time taken to finish the questionnaire and what score you achieved in that time frame. If you feel it is far less than what it should have been, try another time and you would probably beat your last recorded time.


Take It down with Mocks

You play the way you practice.

Mock tests are your practice field. How you perform in your practice tests may reflect how you’re going to perform on the D-day. Every attempt will give you a clear picture of your performance. You will also be able to know things that you missed earlier. Moreover, the tests contribute in enhancing your speed and accuracy.

Never miss this “reality check,” especially a week before exams.


Relax & Resume

The best way to practice this step is to follow the ‘Pomodoro Technique.’  This technique helps to manage time and break it equally well. The technique suggests working in slabs of time, usually 25 minutes long, followed by a 5-minute break. This way you can focus on your revisions without being exhausted.

You can relax yourself a bit and resume with a clear mind.

It is true that time once lost can never be redeemed and nor does the opportunity. If you are anywhere near losing the calm and find yourself self-doubting, just hold onto the thought that it is going to be fine; you have prepared yourself for the best, and nothing can beat you down.


Enter the examination hall with a focused mind and brave heart. You know you will make it.

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