Parajumble Questions: English Language Quiz

Parajumble Questions: English Language Quiz
Parajumble Questions: English Language Quiz

Parajumble Questions for banking, insurance and ssc examinations.

Parajumble – English Language

Basic Concepts:

Parajumbles are jumbled sentences of some paragraph. Basically, you are given a paragraph – but the sentences are not in the right order. It’s up to you to understand the theme and rearrange the sentences so that they logically make sense.

Important Rules:

1.Understand the central theme:

2.Try to find out clues that will help us to locate qualifier: Clues includes pronouns, like he, she, it, this, that, these, those; adverbs like formally, really; article a an and the; definers like actually, finally, another; connectors like but, yet, both, also and neither nor,or, however, nevertheless. These can help us to find out the qualifiers.

3.Locate a Qualifier: Qualifier is a sentence that will tell us something about the following sentence.The following sentence is the Qualified sentence.
4.Read and try to follow the sequence: In case there is more than one choice, try to follow the sequence of sentences according to the occurrence of the events.
Based on these rules, try to solve some questions given below. From this section 5 questions may come in banking , insurance and ssc examinations.

Parajumble Questions and Quiz:

Directions: There are 2 set of questions given below each having 5 questions. In the following question-sets seven sentences are given. They are numbered as A, B, C, D and E. these sentences are not given in their proper sequence. Try to know the sequence of the sentences and then answer the questions given below them.

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