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Due to numerous and repeated request of many candidates for tips and tricks on Para jumbles topic, yesterday we had published Parajumbles concepts and questions. If you haven’t read the article please read it before proceeding further.

We felt that students might need more questions for practice. Therefore today we will again post questions on parajumbles. Lets see how many of you can crack these questions. Write your answers in the comments section below. We will update the correct answers tomorrow. The person with most correct answers will get a free mentorship call with our expert. The expert will address all your queries regarding english section. So make sure you attempt all the questions and write the answers in section below.

The Para Jumble Questions for today are: (Please read Parajumbles Concepts and Tricks before attempting the questions)

 The 1st and the last parts of the sentence /paragraph are numbered 1 and 6, The rest of the sentence/ paragraph is split into four parts and named P, Q, R and S. These four parts are not given in their proper order. Read the sentence/ paragraph and find out which of the four combinations is correct

Question 1:

1. Continuing reports from doctors

P. how people live and what they eat

Q. who are measuring the incidence of heart attacks

R. disclose the pattern linking

S. all over the world

6. with the number of heart attacks they have.

Question 2:

1. Climate change due

P. to rice production

Q. causing changes in rainfall

R. is the new challenge

S. to global warming

6. and a matter of concern for agrarian societies.

Question 3:
1. If there are no trees

P. Thus the yield of crops is low.

Q. gets washed in rain

R. This upper layer is the most fertile part of the soil

S. the upper layer of rich soil

6. Hence afforestation drive is essential.

Question 4:
1. The Government of India is

P. a market driven, special purpose vehicle

Q. a global Indian consortium to

R. in the process of creating

S. that will help to establish

6. facilitate investments by the overseas Indians.

Question 5:

1. I do not know

P. about the current status

Q. the exact reasons why

R. of the whole affair

S. he has not been responding to me

6. since January, 2010.

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The correct answers are:






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