You may not be allowed for Government Exams

If you are 26 years or above, there is a breaking news for you. You may not be able to apply for the Upcoming Government Exams. The Government may reduce the upper age limit to apply for Government Jobs to 26.

Over 26 years? You may not be allowed for Government Exams

What is The Issue?

  • Recently, A Committee appointed by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) gave its report to the Indian Government to reduce the upper age-limit for appearing in the Premier Government Job Examinations, starting with IAS and IPS.
  • The Panel was headed by former education secretary “BS Baswan” and was appointed last year to review the examination after a string of protests in 2015 against the CSAT (Civil Services Aptitude Test).

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The Panel’s Recommendations

The Head Of Panel, Mr Baswan said

“We feel that the entry age is on the higher side. At the same time, we realise that candidates should not be put to any unforeseen hardship. Therefore, we would prepare a road map which will give all candidates sufficient time to adapt to the new system,”

What may be It’s Consequences?

  • Currently, the lower limit for the exam is fixed at 21 years, while the upper limit is 32 years for general category candidates.
  • The age limits vary as per the government norms in case of caste-based reservations.
  • In 2012 and 2013, the proportion of successful candidates well past their 30th birthday was in the range of 6 to 11%.
  • If this change comes, there might be a great loss to those candidates having their age above the new limit of 26 years


The information shared above is based on the inputs from Hindustan Times, Economic Times and Indian Express Newspapers along a few other independent sources. No official notification has yet come by the Government of India.

Friends, what do you think will be the impact on job aspirants, if this happens. Share your views in the comments Section.


  1. reducing age limit will b a discriminatory step towards whole lots of Indian citizens …..

    we all aspirants who are truly inclined with honesty and incessant hard work in their preparation towards civil service exams,, will b kicked out with this irrational approach of putting cap on upper age as 26 ….

    rather than directly limiting age to 26 ,,,some other alternative solution should b found out without neglecting and killing the leading potential of majority of skilled and talented Indians who hv devoted their life into this examination to reach to zenith ….

    one more factor of opposing the recent committes recommendation is — people with higher age has better ability to actively participate in decision making activity along with several others reasons …….

  2. What is should not is not possible for everyone to be so financially independent for preparation at a low age..and also s little more mature mind is needed for such a position..The age limit should not be reduced below 26..It will be a big halt in the way of preparing above 26 years aspirants..

  3. Initially for UPSC only. But, If it happens in one organisation, there is a chance it may be followed in other organisations as well

  4. Whatever it is has to be accepted. Prep require lots of money unless one becomes financially independent how can one pursue their dreams

  5. Is it saying people above 26 or at the age of 26 you can’t give upsc. Though it has not come under regulations .

  6. It is unfair…. Many civil service aspirants who didn’t get chance for preparation in their tender ages were making their dream true after 25 or 26 years…. After all the aspirants are becoming civil service officers after clearing all the procedures and tests.So there is no comprising in the quality also!!…. Then why the upper age limit should be reduced!!….

  7. Dont panic…
    This is an old news almost an year old……and it is not about all government exams. It is only about UPSC civil services exam. If you are a civil services aspirant than you will get a fair chance to appear and the decision will not be from immediate effect. ( e.g. you will be given extra attempts if you have previously appeared for the exam like what happened when aptitude paper was introduced)

    It is strictly for CSE only and not for all exams. ( You can search the net).

    Be wise and dont allow suspicious channels to affect your preparations. There are many in the market whose job is to sensationalize the news and provide incomplete wrong info but they dont think they may affect lakhs of candidates mentally.

    So use sources to increase your knowledge and dont get frustrated by this news.

  8. Gud news for below 26 years..n helpful for above 26 if they won’t better to chose other fields early neither wasting of time.

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