One Word Substitution Questions: English Language Quiz
One Word Substitution Questions: English Language Quiz

One Word Substitution Questions for banking, insurance and all sarkari naukri examinations. 

One Word Substitution Questions – English Language

Basic Concepts:

One Word Substitution Questions of English Language are important for Banking, Insurance, Specialist Officers, SSC and other Sarkari Naukri examinations.

There are different types of One Word Substitution:

1.One word substitution for People                                                                                      2.One word substitution for Places                                                                                3.One word substitution for Science and Arts                                                                4.One word substitution for Phobias                                                                              5.One word substitution for Groups                                                                              6.One word substitution for General Objects                                                                      7.Others

Points to Remember:

Eliminate the wrong answer choice which is grammatically incorrect or change the meaning of the sentence.

Say the choices aloud in your mind and then select the best choice.

Think of a word that seems correct before even looking at the options.

Practice more & more to develop a strong vocabulary & grammar base.

→ The meaning of the word/ sentence should not change.

From this section atleast 5 questions will come for all banking, insurance, SSC and all sarkari naukri examnations. So, here are some questions and quiz. Now practice the one word substitutions.

One Word Substitution Questions and Quiz:




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