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Odd Even Scheme Returns on Delhi Roads from Today

Odd Even Scheme Restarts Today

Under the odd-even scheme, cars with registration numbers ending in odd digits will be allowed on odd dates and those ending in even digits will ply on even dates between April 15 and 30, except on Sundays.

Rationing Plan

odd even

Under the road rationing scheme, cars with number plates ending in even number will be allowed to ply on even dates and vice versa. The restriction is in effect between April 15 and 30; 8 am to 8 pm. Violators will attract a fine of Rs 2,000. If things go according to Delhi transport minister Gopal Rai’s plan, your neighbour could be the one requesting you to follow the rule before you encounter a single traffic police personnel or civil defence volunteer.
“The government is ready for the second phase but we request people to contribute via social policing. If someone in your neighbourhood is violating the restriction, please request them to follow it,” Rai said.

Cab Sharing

Cab aggregators Uber and Ola are betting big on ride-share. Both cab companies had offered cab sharing in December before the first phase of odd-even and have witnessed a good growth in the segment. People continued to use cab-sharing even after the restriction was lifted. By the end of the year, car-pooling is expected to be 25-30% of all taxi rides in the country, and the odd-even ban, experts said, will play a huge role in the adoption of shared-rides.

Autos and bikes

Odd Even

It is not only cabs and cars that people are open to sharing. Joining the bandwagon, auto-rickshaw and bike sharing apps are also coming up. Auto and two-wheeler sharing service iUNIR is expected to soft-launch on Thursday. Apart from the mobile application, the service can also be availed through social networking websites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Users will be allowed to choose their fellow passengers. Jugnoo, the auto rickshaw aggregating app which has more than 5,000 autos in NCR is also launching a pilot project to start shared auto rides to compete with cab sharing.

Office Goers

In the first phase of the restriction, a group of government employees in Dwarka hired a mini-bus to ferry them to and from work. The group later decided to continue the service even after the restriction was over. Firms such as Maruti, DLF Limited, Convergys and Hero in Gurgaon, which have hundreds of employees travelling from different parts of Delhi-NCR, are helping employees create a data base and connect people living in the same area. They have continued with policies adopted in the first phase. Maruti has also allowed flexible work hours for its employees. Hospitals are still using shifts to encourage employees to carpool.

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