Number Series Questions: Quantitative Aptitude Quiz
Number Series Questions: Quantitative Aptitude Quiz

Number Series Questions for banking and all Sarkari Naukri examinations.

Number Series – Quantitative Aptitude

Basic Concepts:

Series is an important chapter from banking and all Sarkari Naukri examination point of view. Following are some of the important rules or order on which the number series can be made:-

  1. Pure Series – the number itself obeys certain order so that the character of the series can be found out. The number itself may be perfect square, perfect cube etc.
  2. Difference Series
  3. Ratio Series
  4. Mixed Series
  5. Geometric Series
  6. Two Tier Arithmetic Series

These are the main concepts in number series, you need to check the pattern of a given number series accordingly. From this section atleast 3-5 questions will surely come in all competitive examinations. Here are some questions to solve. Now apply these little concepts.

Tips to solve Number Series Practice Questions

Number Series Questions and Quiz:




  1. sir,will u plz help me in solving out dis series i dnt knw answer of dis ques…still am not getting any pattern in it

  2. 0, 1, 3, 8, 18, 35, ?
    take difference of difference
    next diff
    1,3,5,7 ,9
    add dis 9+17=26 to 35,we get 61

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