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Job Security in Private Jobs?? Private Companies Delaying Joining Dates

If you are a job aspirant looking for any good private job, then this news will definitely alarm you. The biggest Indian e-commerce company, Flipkart has recently deferred the joining date of students that it recruitted this year. And These candidates includes those from the top institutes of the Country ” YES, WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE IITs AND IIMs”


As per the inputs from Flipkart, they are undergoing organisational restructuring, and are presently not in a position to accomodate new joinees. In this regard they are postponing the joining dates of new campus hires by 6 months.

If you think, everything is dark, then also you are wrong, As a lieu of compensation, Flipkart is promising Rs. 1.5 lakh as Joining Bonus to all such campus recruits.

Larson & Toubro Infotech

If you think, this is the first time any company has done this, then also you are wrong. Larson & Toubro Infotech has also done the same thing some time back.

L&T Infotech recruitted around 6000 students across the country in 2014. Only a few were given joining and the rest were put on hold. After 16 months in March 2016, an assessment test was conducted for the remaining candidates. At that time only 150 managed to clear the test.

McKinsey and Royal Bank of Scotland

Even the International Firms like McKinsey and Royal Bank of Scotland have also done the same things in past. In 2009 , they postponed the hiring of Grads from IIM-Calcutta and IIM-Bangalore.

HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies also recruitted around 6000 engineering students across 100 colleges throughout the country in 2011. First it postponed the joining for 1 year and then conducted an assesment Test at that time. Did we tell you, only 1300 did qualify it.


Infosys also did the same thing in 2012 . Infosys deferred the date of joining system engineers by around 3 months. The reason insisted was “Cost cutting due to tough Business enviriinmenet


iGate also deferred the joining date for around 1000 engineers in 2012.The reason insisted was “overall demand environment remains weak,”

Recent Update:

As per the news coming to us even three budding Startups like CarDekho, Hopscotch and InMobi have also postponed the joining date of students by 3-4 months.

What to Do in Such a Scenario?

A simple, but powerful answer, opt and prepare for Government Jobs

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