NICL AO Exam Analysis 2017 – Shift 1

NICL AO Exam Analysis 2017

NICL AO Exam Analysis – shift 1 has been compiled by our exam analysts who visited several centres to get a first hand review of NICL AO exam analysis. We are also sharing the questions asked in this shift which have been compiled after receiving inputs from various aspirants. This year the number of candidates who took the exam have gone up considerably because no exam was held last year. The fact that the exam is being conducted after one year made it hugely competitive. 


NICL AO Exam Analysis 2017 – Shift 1 

Total Questions/Marks100/100
Total Duration1 hour
Sectional Cut OffYes
Negative Marking0.25

NICL AO Exam Analysis 2017: Sections in the Exam Today

Quantitative Aptitude35/35

NICL AO Exam Analysis 2017: Level of Sections

English Easy
Reasoning Moderate
Quantitative Aptitude Difficult

NICL AO Exam Analysis 2017: Sectional Safe Attempts

Quantitative Aptitude20-24

NICL AO Exam Analysis 2017: Time Expected per Section

English15 minutes
Reasoning20  minutes
Quantitative Aptitude25 minutes

NICL AO Exam Analysis 2017 for English

  • The section was simple as compared o the other two.
  • Reading Comprehension was based on Youtube as a social media platform.
  • Cloze Test consisted of a passage about the pollution levels of the city of London and the environmental norms needed in Europe.

NICL AO Exam Analysis 2017 for Reasoning Section

  • This section was moderate as compared to the other two.
  • Questions on blood relations were simple.
  • Question on directions were simple.
  • No questions were asked from syllogism

NICL AO Exam Analysis 2017 for Quantitative Aptitude 

  • Quantitative Aptitude was the most complex of the three sections today.
  • 3 sets of data interpretation were asked(Bar Graph, Pie Chart, Tabular Graph.
  • Quadratic equations were asked.
  • No question on simplification was asked.


NICL AO Exam Analysis 2017 – Weightage of Topics in English

Reading Comprehension10
Cloze Test8
Phrase replacement6

NICL AO Exam Analysis 2017: Weighage of Topics in Reasoning

Coding Decoding5
Sitting Arrangement6
Blood Relations3

NICL AO Exam Analysis 2017: Weightage of Topics in Quantitative Aptitude

Data Interpretation15
Quadratic Equations5
Simple Interest1
Compound Interest2
Profit and Loss1
Time and Work1

NICL AO Exam Analysis 2017: Questions Asked from English


Air pollution—an environmental problem now more associated with the developing cities like New Delhi than the capitals of the West—has emerged as key issue in the race to elect the next London mayor, with all three leading candidates campaigning on their solutions and voters describing the problem as an important concern.

The mayoral campaign comes on the heels of a series of recent reports blaming pollution—largely from the emissions of diesel vehicles—as a leading killer in the United Kingdom. Around 40,000 people deaths annually in the country are linked to air pollution, according to a recent Royal College of Physicians report. Another report from King’s College London, suggests as many as 9,500 people die of that cause annually in London alone.

Those figures—blasted across headlines and bandied about in campaign speeches—have been absorbed by the electorate. Nearly 70% of London parents say they’re worried about their children breathing dirty air and nearly two-thirds say the city should completely ban diesel trucks from the city center, according to recent polls from the London Evening Standard.

“We’ve got a real diesel problem in London and pretty awful streets,” says Simon Birkett, the founder of the NGO Clean Air in London. “In London, you can actually smell the pollution… Go down Oxford Street, you can literally smell it.”

The source of the above passage is TIME Magazine, May 4th – 2017.

NICL AO Exam Analysis 2017: Questions Asked from Quantitative Aptitude



7, 11, 19, 36, 69, ?

NICL AO Exam Analysis 2017: Questions Asked from Reasoning 


P, Q, R, S, T, U, V and W live on eight different floors of a building but not necessarily in the same order. The ground floor is numbered one and the floor above it is numbered two and so on. The top most floor is numbered eight. Each of them likes a different color viz Green, Yellow, Black, Blue, Pink, White, Brown and Orange but not necessarily in the same order.
The one who likes pink does not live on first floor. The one who likes Yellow lives on an even numbered floor but not on floor number 8. Only two persons live between U and the one who likes Yellow. Only one person live between U and the one who likes Pink. Neither T nor R lives on first floor. Only one person lives between R and S, who likes Black. P lives immediately above U, who lives on an odd numbered floor. Only two persons live between T and P. Q lives on an even numbered floor and immediately above R.The one who likes blue lives on an even numbered floor and live immediately above the person who likes orange. R does not like Pink or Orange. Only two persons live between W and the one who likes Green. Q lives on floor number four. The one who likes White does not live on odd numbered floor. W does not like Brown


Tips for Future Aspirants Based on NICL AO Exam Analysis

Revise well and do not begin with anything new.
Attempt the RC in one go and don’t waste time returning to the questions after completion of reasoning and quantitative aptitude sections.
Try to get the maximum output of reasoning and quantitative aptitude sections.
Random guessing should be avoided at all costs especially in English.
Don’t panic before the exam. Stay confident.

Suggested Reading for NICL AO Aspirants


We hope you derived useful inputs from our NICL AO Exam Analysis 2017.

  • ilaks

    Any predictions on cutoff? U haven’t posted any article yet after compiling all inputs

  • priya makhija

    H’lo folks.. i have a query regarding to the the application registration form for nicl ao exam,, i kinda lost it…i know!! clumsy me!!! is there any way for me to get it reprinted.

  • ilaks

    I attempted 60 in total. 25 in English out of which 22 would be right. 20 in reasoning and mostly all would be right. Quants I attempted only 15 out of which 12 or 13 would be right. Any chance of clearing sir? Am from obc category

    • john

      chances are very less , as you may not qualify in quant section . Start again preparing without any delay for next year or next exams .

  • nancy

    Expected cut off for nicl ao?

    • AO ? The AO paper for this year is yet to be conducted.

  • Praveen Kumar

    My attempts in English is 27 and I believe minimum 22 would be correct
    Reasoning out of 25 attempted 23 is correct
    Wherein in Quant only 19 attempted but am not sure however minimum of 12 to be correct, I fall under OBC any chances of clearing?

    • Yes Praveen

      • Praveen Kumar

        Oh really, am aghast should I start preparing for mains then Akriti.

        Nevertheless I clear or not but ur positive response gives lot of boosting thanks!

        • Brown Mophi

          The grammar in this reply proves that you belong to OBC category.

  • Siddharth Malviya

    expected cutoff should be between 50 to 60 …

    • I am yet to compile it Siddharth. Let me receive inputs from all the shifts and then I’ll come to a logical conclusion.

  • Arpan

    I attempted 73 ..chances hai kya. Category is OBC

    • Yes. Start preparing for Mains without wasting any time.

  • Shobit

    Aap log late review dalte ho but edkum sahi dalte ho. Hamare liye bhaut useful rehta hai. Please questions daldo aur.

    • Yes we take time because we prefer to give aspirants a 100% genuine review. For that our experts visit various centres. Once their inputs are received, then we compile the review 🙂

  • Shobit

    Please aur questions dalsakte ho kya ???

    • As soon as we get more inputs from candidates, we will surely post the questions. All the best for your exam.

      • Shobit

        ok mam

  • Revati Raju

    Plz put the RC Passage and cloze test if possible. I have exam tomorrow. Was Quant difficult ? Everyone is saying that it was tough

    • Hi Revati.

      If we have access to genuine RC and cloze test asked today, will surely update it. Do read our analysis for other shifts as well to see what kind of questions are being asked.

    • Arthi

      Frnd quants was not difficult little bit calculative..don’t worry keep on Practicing..