NIACL Assistant exam analysis

NIACL Assistant Exam Analysis. More than 1 lakh aspirants will appear for the exam. The competition is neck to neck for grabbing one seat out of the 984 vacancies available. This is the 2nd stage of the NIACL Assistant exam. NIACL Assistant Prelims was held on April 23rd , 2017. We hope you find our NIACL Assistant exam analysis for Mains examination useful and you derive full benefit out of it. You can also find the analysis for prelims after the Mains analysis.

It is important to point out here that several members of our faculty visited various exam centres to get a first hand feedback of the NIACL prelims in order to compile a 100% accurate NIACL Assistant exam analysis 2017.

NIACL Assistant Exam Analysis 2017 – Mains

Mode Online
Sections 5
Negative Marking 0.25
Duration 120 minutes
Level of shift 1 Easy
Time Lapse No


NIACL Assistant Exam Analysis: Complexity of Sections

Reasoning Ability  Easy
English Language  Moderate
General Awareness  Moderate
Computer Knowledge  Easy
Numerical Ability  Easy


NIACL Assistant Exam Analysis: Safe Attempts

Reasoning Ability 29-32
English Language 24-26
General Awareness 20-22
Computer Knowledge 32-34
Numerical Ability 25-28

NIACL Assistant Exam Analysis: Reasoning Ability Details

Questions: 40 Marks: 50
 Predictable section. Scoring but a little time consuming.

NIACL Assistant Exam Analysis: English Language Details

Questions: 40 Marks: 50
The comprehension was based on the economic crisis of Algeria.  Close Test was based on a hypothetical story about the future.

NIACL Assistant Exam Analysis: General Awareness Details

Questions: 40 Marks: 50
General Awareness was based on the important events of the last 4 months. Quite simple to attempt for an individual who followed the news regularly. But for someone whose not been following news, this will be the deciding section.

NIACL Assistant Exam Analysis: Computer Knowledge Details

Questions: 40 Marks: 50
Basic Computer knowledge questions were asked and this section was quite scoring.

NIACL Assistant Exam Analysis: Numerical Ability Details

Questions: 40 Marks: 50
 Scoring section. Not very complex. A grip over short cuts and formulas surely an advantage.

NIACL Assistant Exam Analysis  – Questions Asked


Q. All gardens are park

all parks are lawns
some lawns are orchardsConcl

All gargers are lawns
All orchards being parks is a possibility


Q. Who is the new administrator of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) ?

Q. Where is the Headquarters of CITI Bank located?

Q. Which is India’s first cashless island ?

Q. Who has become the first woman in the world to scale Mt Everest twice in five days?

Q. In which state assembly election has set up pink polling booths in the state to encourage women voters to cast their votes?

Q. Nokia has signed a MOU with which indian telecom companies for 5G project?

We will be uploading more questions.

NIACL Assistant Exam Analysis 2017 – Prelims 

Mode Online
Sections 3
Negative Marking 0.25
Duration 60 minutes
Level of shift 1 Easy to Moderate
Time Lapse Yes


NIACL Assistant Exam Analysis: Complexity of Sections

English Easy
Reasoning Easy
Quantitative Aptitude Moderate

NIACL Assistant Exam Analysis: Safe Attempts

 English  16-22
 Reasoning  27-30
 Quantitative Aptitude  21-25


NIACL Assistant Exam Analysis: Time Expected per Section

English  15 minutes
Reasoning  20 minutes
Quantitative Aptitude  25 minutes


NIACL Assistant Exam Analysis: Type of Questions in English

Cloze Test 10
Reading Comprehension 10
Errors 10

NIACL Assistant Exam Analysis: Type of Questions in Reasoning 

Puzzles 15
Syllogism 5
Series 5
Direction 2
Blood Relation 2
Miscellaneous 6

NIACL Assistant Exam Analysis: Type of Questions in Quantitative Aptitude

Data Interpretation 5
Simplification 5
Series 5
Profit and Loss 1
Work 1
Average 1
Ratio 2
Speed and Time 1
SI & CI 2
Percentage 1
Age 2
Miscellaneous 9

NIACL Assistant Exam Analysis: English Language Details

Questions: 30 Marks: 30
Given that the NIACL Assistant prelims was being held for the first time, the English section was quite easy. Any aspirant having practiced basic vocabulary would have surely performed well. The comprehension passage was story based. It was about a traveler exploring the world.

NIACL Assistant Exam Analysis: English Comprehension Passage

Well, he set out, and he travelled a long way, and at last he came to a woman’s cottage that had some grass growing on the roof. And the woman was trying to get her cow to go up a ladder to the grass, and the poor thing durst not go. So the gentleman asked the woman what she was doing.

“Why, lookye,” she said, “look at all that beautiful grass. I’m going to get the cow on to the roof to eat it. She’ll be quite safe, for I shall tie a string round her neck, and pass it down the chimney, and tie it to my wrist as I go about the house, so she can’t fall off without my knowing it.” “Oh, you poor silly!” said the gentleman, “you should cut the grass and throw it down to the cow!”

But the woman thought it was easier to get the cow up the ladder than to get the grass down, so she pushed her and coaxed her and got her up, and tied a string round her neck, and passed it down the chimney, and fastened it to her own wrist. And the gentleman went on his way, but he hadn’t gone far when the cow tumbled off the roof, and hung by the string tied round her neck, and it strangled her. And the weight of the cow tied to her wrist pulled the woman up the chimney, and she stuck fast half-way and was smothered in the soot.
And the gentleman went on and on, and he went to an inn to stop the night, and they were so full at the inn that they had to put him in a double-bedded room, and another traveller was to sleep in the other bed. The other man was a very pleasant fellow, and they got very friendly together; but in the morning, when they were both getting up, the gentleman was surprised to see the other hang his trousers on the knobs of the chest of drawers and run across the room and try to jump into them, and he tried over and over again, and couldn’t manage it; and the gentleman wondered whatever he was doing it for.

At last he stopped and wiped his face with his handkerchief. “Oh dear,” he says, “I do think trousers are the most awkwardest kind of clothes that ever were. I can’t think who could have invented such things. It takes me the best part of an hour to get into mine every morning, and I get so hot! How do you manage yours?” So the gentleman burst out a-laughing, and showed him how to put them on; and he was very much obliged to him, and said he never should have thought of doing it that way.
Then the gentleman went on his travels again; and he came to a village, and outside the village there was a pond, and round the pond was a crowd of people. And they had got rakes, and brooms, and pitchforks, reaching into the pond; and the gentleman asked what was the matter. “Why,” they say, “matter enough! Moon’s tumbled into the pond, and we can’t rake her out anyhow!”

So the gentleman burst out a- laughing, and told them to look up into the sky, and that it was only the shadow in the water. But they wouldn’t listen to him, and abused him shamefully, and he got away as quick as he could.So there was a whole lot of sillies bigger than them three sillies at home. So the gentleman turned back home again and married the farmer’s daughter, and if they didn’t live happy for ever after, that’s nothing to do with you or me.


NIACL Assistant Exam Analysis: Reasoning Details

Questions: 35 Marks: 35
The reasoning section was quite simple. Puzzles were extremely doable. Seating arrangement questions were linear and rectangular type.  2 questions on seating arrangement. One was linear arrangement with 8 people sitting in a row facing north. One was Square arrangement with people at corner facing outside and people at centre facing inside. Series was alpha-numeric


NIACL Assistant Exam Analysis: Question on Blood Relations

Pointing to a photo frame, Atish said, “She is the daughter of my grandfather’s only son.” How is Atish related to the girl in the frame ?


NIACL Assistant Exam Analysis: Quantitative Aptitude Details

Questions: 35 Marks: 35
The level of this section ranged from easy to moderate. There were questions on number series. There was 1 set of DI consisting of 5 questions.


NIACL Assistant Exam Analysis: Questions on Number Series



NIACL Assistant Exam Analysis: Question on Work & Time

A and B together complete work in 22.5 days.B takes 24hours more than A to complete the same amount of work .How much time alone A takes to complete the work ?

NIACL Assistant Exam Analysis: Question on Profit & Loss

By mixing two varieties of two costing Rs 65 & Rs 115 per kg, and selling the mixture at the rate of Rs of 100/kg A seller made a profit of 15%. In what ratio did he mix the two varieties ?


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