NIACL Assistant Analysis 2017: Shift 3

NIACL Assistant Analysis 2017

NIACL Assistant Analysis 2017 for shift 3, April 23rd, 2017. More than 3 lakh aspirants will appear for the exam. The competition is neck to neck for grabbing one seat out of the 984 vacancies available. This is the first stage of the NIACL Assistant exam. NIACL Assistant Mains will be held on May 23rd, 2017. We hope you find our NIACL Assistant exam analysis for preliminary examination useful and you derive full benefit out of it.

It is important to point out here that several members of our faculty visited various exam centres to get a first hand feedback of the NIACL prelims in order to compile a 100% accurate NIACL Assistant exam analysis 2017.

Hello Aspirants, hope your paper went well. For your benefit, we are not only posting the accurate review of Shift 3 but also the questions asked in today’s exam. Go through them quickly so as to be mentally prepared for your attempt.


NIACL Assistant Analysis 2017: Shift 2

Mode Online
Sections 3
Negative Marking 0.25
Duration 60 minutes
Level of shift 3 Easy to Moderate
Time Lapse Yes

NIACL Assisatant Analysis: Complexity of Sections

English Easy
Reasoning Easy
Quantitative Aptitude Moderate

NIACL Assistant Analysis 2017: Safe Attempts

 English  19-24
 Reasoning  25-30
 Quantitative Aptitude  22-26

NIACL Assistant Analysis 2017: Time Expected per Section

English  15 minutes
Reasoning  20 minutes
Quantitative Aptitude  25 minutes

NIACL Assistant Analysis 2017: Type of Questions in English

Cloze Test 10
Reading Comprehension 10
Errors 10


NIACL Assistant Analysis 2017: Type of Questions in Reasoning 

Puzzles (Including Seating) 15
Syllogism 5
Series 5
Direction 2
Blood Relation 2
Miscellaneous 6


exclusive NIACL Assistant Analysis 2017 : Syllogism Question

Some notes are coins
No coin is a card
Conclusion: All cards can be notes
Conclusion 2: Some notes are neither coins nor cards

exclusive NIACL Assistant Analysis 2017 : Seating Arrangement Question

M is fourth to the left of T.
M and T are not at the extreme end
How many persons to the right of M as much to the left of U.
One person is between U nd S.
J is second to the left of L
Two persons between U and V.

NIACL Assistant Analysis 2017: Type of Questions in Quantitative Aptitude

Data Interpretation 5
Simplification 5
Series 5
Profit and Loss 1
Work 1
Average 1
Ratio 2
Speed and Time 2
SI & CI 1
Percentage 1
Age 1
Miscellaneous 10

exclusive NIACL Assistant Analysis 2017 : Question on Series

8 18 57 232 ?

9 16 25 38 57 ?

14 37 83 152 ? 359

16 8 8 12 ? 60

13 18 28 45 71 ?

exclusive NIACL Assistant Analysis 2017 : Question on Age Difference

There are 48 students in a class. The age one of them is twice that of another .If these 2 are replaced by 2 others whose ages are 16 years and 11 years respectively, the average of the class increase by 1.5 months. Find the age of the younger of the 2 students who are left .

exclusive NIACL Assistant Analysis 2017 : Question on Work & Time

A and B together complete a work in 13 1/3 days and B can alone complete the work 6 days more than A. Find the work done by B alone.


NIACL Assistant Exam 2017: Mock Tests

41% questions asked last year were from our question bank.


Recommended Book for NIACL Assistant Mains Exam: Check Here

  • Rajendar Nayak

    am attempted 67 in niacl assistant from Maharashtra belongs to ST category is there any chances plzzzz tell me

  • Atanu Lahiri

    mam just one query
    does normalization takes place in these exams ?

  • Namit Khaparde

    @Akriti Ma’am.. 78 SC Maharashtra.. Any chance?

  • MD

    I attempted 65 . Is there any chanc to clear

  • Harsh Kumar

    Done 72….sc category…should I start preparing 4 mains state jharkhand


    errors yaad hai kisi ko 3rd shift ke

  • Rajesh Kumar

    mine 73 but attempts heard like 90 ,83,78 etc last shift
    i think cutoff will be like rbi assistant..

    • Don’t worry about what you heard. See it isn’t just the attempts that count. Accuracy outweighs it. So don’t worry.

      • Rajesh Kumar

        no worries madam am selected as clerk for andhra bank in Ibps 6 ,got 1st preference and highest obc score -telangana

  • Atanu Lahiri

    Attempted 71 in last shift

    • Good

      • Atanu Lahiri

        Seriously mam thanks I already left all sorts of hope for mains

        • Sumit Shukla

          Same here attempt nd condition

          • Atanu Lahiri

            Sumit you applied from which state?