NEET 2020 Exam Analysis, Difficulty Level & Expected Cut-off

NEET 2020 Exam Analysis: Check NEET 2020 paper analysis, review, updates. Check the difficulty level of NEET 2020 question paper.

NEET 2020 Exam Analysis, Review, Difficulty Level & Expected Cut-off

NEET 2020 has been concluded on September 13, 2020 in a single shift from 2 to 5 PM. The medical exam has been held in pen-paper mode. Approximately 16.84 lakhs students have registered for the exam. As per the test-takers, the overall exam can be rated moderate to tough in terms of difficulty level. As per the paper analysis of NEET 2020 by the students, the level of difficulty in the exam was moderate. This year in NEET 2020, Physics and Chemistry were moderate. Whereas, Biology was tricky and lengthy. Overall the paper was moderate

  • With the help of paper analysis, you can get an idea about the difficulty level of each section of the paper and candidates can also analyze their performance.
  • Soon after the release of the answer key, the result will be declared.
  • The exam has 90 questions from Biology (subdivided in zoology and Botany) and 45 questions each from Physics and Chemistry from the curriculum of classes 11 and 12.

NEET 2020 Pattern Highlights

Features Details
Exam Mode Offline
Duration Three Hours
Total Number of Questions 180
Total Marks 720
Number of Sections Three
Marking Scheme +4 for correct answer
-1 for incorrect answer

NEET 2020 Analysis & Review: Exam Pattern

The exam pattern of today’s NEET 2020 is given below


Number of Questions








Biology (Botany & Zoology)






NEET Exam Analysis 2020

The analysis for the NEET 2020 exam scheduled on September 13, 2020, has been updated here. Keep refreshing the page for more updates. You can also share your feedback through the Q & A section.

Overall Difficulty Level of the NEET 2020 Exam Moderate to Easy
Toughest Section Physics
Easy Section Biology
Topics with Most Weightage in Physics Constructional Questions
Topics with Most Weightage in Chemistry Organic Chemistry
Topics with Most Weightage in Biology NCERT Questions/ Direct Questions
Difficulty Level of Numerical Questions Easy, answers could be driven in one step
Expected Highest Score 690

NEET 2020 Chemistry Exam Analysis

Questions Weightage Physical Chemistry 31.1%
Question Weightage Organic Chemistry 40.0%
Question Weightage Organic Chemistry 28.9%

NEET 2020 Physics Exam Analysis

As compared to the last year the Physics section in NEET 2020 exam was easier. There was only one conceptual question in NEET 2020 physics paper the remaining questions were from NCERT.

Level Wise Distribution
  • Easy- 66.7%
  • Medium- 26.7%
  • Difficult- 6.7%
Topic Wise Distribution
  • Optics and Modern- 50.6%
  • Current Electricity-17.8%
  • Heat and Thermodynamics-8.9%
  • Mechanics-37.7%
  • Electrostatic-20%

NEET 2020 Biology Exam Analysis

More questions were asked from NEET 2020 Biology questions.

Level Wise Distribution
  • Easy- 16.7%
  • Medium- 33.3%
  • Difficult- 50%
Topic Wise Distribution
  • Reproduction-8.5%
  • Plant Physiology-17%
  • Biology-17.8%
  • Genetics-14.6%
  • Structural Organism- 10.6%

NEET 2020 Questions With Solutions

CollegeDekho brings to you NEET 2020 questions with solutions. This will help you calculate your NEET 2020 score

Question Answer
On electrolysis of dil.sulphuric acid using the Platinum (Pt) electrode, the product obtained in Anode will be? Oxygen gas
An increase in the concentration of the reactants of a reaction leads to change in? Collision Frequency
The reaction between benzaldehyde and acetophenone in presence of dilute NaOH is known as Cross Aldol Condensation
Which of the following is a natural polymer? cis-1-4-polyisoprene
The following metal ion activates many enzymes, participates in the oxidation of glucose to produce ATP with Na, is responsible for the transmission of nerve signals Potassium
Measuring Zeta Potential is useful in determining which property of the colloidal solution Viscosity
The meiotic division of secondary oocyte is completed at the time of the fusion of the sperm with the ovum
Which one of the following is the most abundant protein in animals Collagen
Which of the following hormones will cause the release of the ovum from the graffian follicle The high concentration of Estregone
Flippers of Penguins and Dolphins are examples of Convergent evaluation
Dimensions of stress are ML-1T-2
A screw gauge has the least count of 0.01 mm and there 50 divisions in its circula scale. The pitch of the screw gauge is 0.5mm
Light of frequency is 1.5 times the threshold frequency is incident on a photosensitive material. What will be the photoelectric current if the frequency is halved and intensity is doubled Zero

NEET Cut-off 2020 Expected (MBBS):

Here we have provided expected NEET 2020 cut-off (or minimum qualifying marks). Students also need a good score above the cut-off to get admission in a good medical college (institute-wise cut-off or opening rank & closing rank will be available after some time). This data is based on previous year’s data (or NEET 2019 cut-off). NEET cut-off depends on different factors such as difficulty level of the exam, number of students and number of seats. No major change is observed this time so we can expect the following figures.


Minimum Qualifying Percentile

Cut off marks (Range)


50 + 5

701-134 ± 5 to 10

Physically Handicapped (General)

45 ± 5

133-120 ±  5 to 10


40 + 5

133-107 ±  5 to 10

Physically Handicapped (OBC/SC/ST)

40 + 5

133-107 ±  5 to 10

NEET Cut off 2020 Expected (BDS):


Minimum Qualifying Percentile


40 + 10


30 + 5

PH (General)

35 ± 5


30 + 5

More updates will be available here shortly.

NEET 2020 Exam First Reaction

  • NEET 2020 included more tricky questions.
  • NEET Biology questions seemed easier than other sections.
  • The difficulty level of the entire question paper is believed to moderate
  • NEET Physics section was found to be longer and the toughest. However, students who were well prepared for the exam stated that the calculations were simple, not may step were involved.
  • The difficulty level of Chemistry in the NEET 2020 exam was moderate.

Safety Measures Taken for NEET Exam 2020 

  • Students who appeared in the NEET 2020 exam said that NTA took adequate measures.
  • Students’ body temperature was checked and they were given fresh masks before the commencement of the exam.
  • However, many students had to to say that the exit measures were not as good as entry measures during the NEET 2020 exam.
  • Candidates’ hands were sanitised before entering the exam hall and no-one was allowed to take off their masks.
  • However, the conducting authority did allow students to take off their gloves.

What Happened Inside NEET 2020 Examination Hall?

Exam takers and their family members were concerned about the safety measures for NEET 2020 exam day. So, Here is how things were handled in the examination hall.

  • Candidates were provided with new masks.
  • No one was allowed to take off their mask, but candidates were allowed to take off their gloves.
  • The examination authorities removed everything but the front page of the NEET Admit Card.
  • As soon as candidates entered the examination hall, they were required to sanitise their hands.
  • A pen, rough sheet and NEET OMR sheet were provided to students at 1:50 PM and they were allowed to open it at 1:55 PM.
  • Examinees were asked to give their signatures before leaving the exam halls.