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NABARD Office Attendant Preparation Tips for Prelims Exam 2020 – Check Expert Curated Tips

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NABARD Office Attendant Preparation: The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) is yet to release the official notification of National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) Office Attendant 2020 recruitment exam. However, aspirants must start their NABARD Office Attendant preparation as early as possible so that they can finish the syllabus with maximum efficiency long before the exam. In this article, we will provide you with the best NABARD Office Attendant Preparation Tips & Tricks.

Cracking competitive exams like NABARD Office Attendant needs one to do smart study. Hard work and rigorous practice alone cannot guarantee success in this exam. It is a highly competitive exam and the only way to secure your entry into the banking sector is, thus, to score as high as possible. This needs one to have a smart NABARD Office Attendant preparation plan. Read on to get the top tips and tricks to create a smart NABARD Office Attendant preparation plan.

As per NABARD officials, this year there will be no separate notifications for SBI Clerk as they have changed the nomenclature of the post. The Office Attendant notification is the NABARD Office Attendant notification for the year 2020.

Click here for all details regarding 2020 Office Attendant recruitment notification

In this article, we will discuss about the pattern and preparation tips for 2020 NABARD Office Attendant recruitment exam

NABARD Office Attendant Exam Pattern 2020

NABARD Office Attendant Exam is to be conducted for the first time in 2020. The recruitment process of NABARD has 2 stages: Prelims and Mains followed by LPT (Language Proficiency Test). The exam will be conducted in online mode and is objective in nature. Here is the pattern of both the NABARD Office Attendant Prelims and Mains exam

NABARD Office Attendant Prelims Exam Pattern

Section Number of Questions Maximum Marks
Numerical Ability 30 30
Reasoning 30 30
English Language 30 30
General Awareness 30 30
Total 120 120
Duration: Composite Time of 90 minutes

NABARD Office Attendant Mains Exam Pattern

Section Number of Questions Maximum Marks
Quantitative Aptitude 35 35
Reasoning 35 35
English Language 35 35
General Awareness 50 50
Total 150 (as printed in official notification) 150 (as printed in official notification)
Duration: Composite Time of 120 minutes


All Subjects have equal weight in the exam so you should focus on every subject.

  1. There is no secret to success, What you need is consistent efforts.
  2. The first step should be to make a proper study plan for revision and stick to it.  For it carefully check the syllabus of the exam and also the type and level of questions likely to be asked in the exam.
  3. Practice as many mock tests as you can

If you prepare well, you can clear the exam in first attempt. But you have to prepare thoroughly for it. Before you begin your preparation you should know about what to prepare for the exam because if you do not know correctly as what you have to study, your preparation can never be correct. Following are the preparation tips for the exam.

Reasoning is purely based on logic and is not just a mathematical skill where you learn various formula s and the work is done. The only strategy here is to practice all the type of questions as many times as you can. Some of the important topics for the exam are:

Preparation Tips for Quantitative Aptitude Section of NABARD Office Attendant Exam:

This section includes the basic questions to check your numerical ability. The best strategy is attempting only those questions first that are easy to attempt and have fewer calculations. You need to start from basics. Build concepts gradually and practice as much as you can. Memorise all the important shortcut techniques and. Some of the important topics for exam are:

  • Number Systems
  • Simple Interest & Compound Interest
  • Time & Work
  • Time & Distance
  • Profit & Loss
  • Percentage
  • Average
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Bar graph & Pie-chart
  • Probability

This is one of the toughest sections. You need to improve your basic english in order to excel in the exam. You need to learn basic concepts of English Grammar. Read good English magazines and newspaper to improve your reading skills. Some of the important topics for exam are:

General Awareness is one such section where you can’t predict as to what will come in the exam. General Awareness Questions are based on Banking related issues and topics. You just need to keep yourself updated about current happenings of the world and also bit knowledge of static GK would be enough from the examination point of view.
You can focus on topics like Current Affairs of last 6 months, Topics related to finance, economics, History of Banking, Banking Terms, and Fiscal & Monetary Policies etc.

You can take the help of these books and boost your preparation to crack the examination easily and make your career bright because these books can change your way of thinking.

  1. Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations (S.Chand) R.S.Agarwal
  2. Fast Track Objective Arithmetic (Arihant) Rajesh Verma
  3. A new approach Verbal and Nonverbal Reasoning (Arihant) by BS Sijwali
  4. A Modern Approach to Verbal and Nonverbal Reasoning (S.Chand) by R.S.Agarwal
  5. Pratiyogita Darpan
  6. Manorama Year Book.

NABARD Office Attendant Books – View here List of Recommended NABARD Office Attendant Books

Tips And Tricks For NABARD Office Attendant Preparation

As said earlier, if you want to crack NABARD Office Attendant exam, you need to have a smart SBI Clerk preparation plan – one that looks after your overall development. Read on to find out the important tips and tricks for your NABARD Office Attendant preparation:

  1. Be thorough with the syllabus: It is important that you know which topics are included in the NABARD Office Attendant syllabus. Once you have an idea about the syllabus, you can plan your NABARD Office Attendant preparation accordingly. You must also remember that certain topics are more important than others. This means you have to spend more time on them in order to achieve mastery over them.
  2. Create a realistic time table: Now that you have an idea about the syllabus, you have to create a time table and stick to itAllocate time-based on your strengths and weaknesses, i.e. spend more time on subjects/topics you are weak at. If your Numerical Ability is weak, spend more time solving numerical questions. Having a smart and realistic time table will make your NABARD Office Attendant preparation easier.
  3. Read regularly: Reading regularly plays a crucial role in competitive entrance exams like NABARD Office Attendant. Your NABARD Office Attendant preparation time table must have a separate time allocated for reading newspapers and magazines. Spend two hours daily on reading. This will help you the most in your SBI Clerk preparation for English Language section and General Awareness section. Note down important points and new words as you read.
  4. Understand the concepts and the theory properly: Rather than learning the shortcuts to solve a problem, it is important that you understand the related concepts and theories first. This is very important for sections like Numerical Ability (or Quantitative Aptitude) and Reasoning Ability. Once that is achieved, you can learn the shortcuts. Your NABARD Office Attendant preparation must not have any loopholes or gaps. For English Language section, learning the theory, i.e. the basic grammatical rules is very crucial.
  5. Remember the formulas thoroughly: The Quantitative Aptitude section has innumerable formulas to remember. Also, it is important that you learn the derivations of the formulas too and practice them regularly. Doing this during your NABARD Office Attendant preparation will help in better retention. Also, this will help you to derive a formula in case you forget it during the exam.
  6. Practice diligently: Every time you finish a chapter or a topic, solve NABARD Office Attendant practice questions from that chapter/topic. The more you practice, the better. Start with the easy ones and slowly move on to more difficult questions. Mark the questions you find difficult to solve/answer and revise them later. Regular practice is a must in your NABARD Office Attendant preparation.
  7. Improve your time management skills: High level of accuracy alone cannot guarantee high score. Accuracy at the cost of loss of time will lead to low score. So, your NABARD Office Attendant preparation must look after your time management skills as well. There must be a balance between speed and accuracy. Once the basics are cleared, try to solve practice questions in a time bound manner. If you are spending more time on a particular question, you must revise and learn the related concepts.
  8. Revise regularly: Like any other exams, NABARD Office Attendant preparation too needs regular revision. Otherwise, you will forget what you have learnt. Allocate 2 hours daily for revision.
  9. Take NABARD Office Attendant mock tests: Once you have finished the entire syllabus, take full-length NABARD Office Attendant mock tests and assess your performance. Identify your weak areas and work on them to improve. Mockbank gives a detailed analysis of your tests which makes it easier for you to know where you need to focus. Also, your SBI Clerk preparation will be incomplete if you do not solve NABARD Office Attendant previous year papers.

Friends this is all for NABARD Office Attendant Exam. We will soon publish preparation tips for individual section of the Exam. If you have any queries/questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section below and we will be glad to answer them for you.