NABARD Economic and Social Issues Quiz

NABARD Economic and Social Issues Quiz 3

NABARD Economic and Social Issues Quiz provided by MockBank covers all the relevant topics coming in Agriculture and Rural Development Section of NABARD Grade A and B Exam. This is a must take quiz for any candidate trying to update his/ her knowledge of Economic and Social Issues and evaluating the preparation level for the NABARD Grade A and B Exam.

The quiz comprises of questions as per the latest trend and analysis of the NABARD Grade A and B Exam.


NABARD Economic and Social Issues Quiz 3

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As the name signifies this section will contain questions related to the economic and social issues. The questions will mostly be asked from topics like

  • Nature of Indian Economy
  • Economic underdevelopment
  • Globalisation
  • Economic Reforms in India
  • Poverty Alleviation and Employment Generation in India – Rural and Urban
  • Measurement of Poverty
  • Poverty Alleviation Programmes of the Government.
  • Population Trends
  • Population Growth and Economic Development
  • Population Policy in India.
  • Agriculture- Characteristics / Status – Technical and Institutional changes in Indian Agriculture Agricultural performance – Issues in Food Security in India
  • Non Institutional and Institutional Agencies in rural credit. Industry
  • Industrial and Labour Policy
  • Industrial performance – Regional Imbalance in India’s Industrial Development
  • Public Sector Enterprises.
  • Rural Marketing
  • Development of banking and financial institutions in India
  • Reforms in Banking/ Financial sector.
  • Role of International Funding Institutions – IMF & World Bank – WTO
  • Regional Economic Co-operation.
  • Social Structure in India – Multiculturalism – Demographic trends
  • Gender Issues Joint family system
  • Social Infrastructure -Education – Health and Environment.
  • Education – Status & System of Education
  • Socio –Economic Problems associated with Illiteracy
  • Socio-economic programmes for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes and other
  • Human Development.
  • Current Economic & Social Issues.

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