NABARD Agriculture and Rural Development Quiz

NABARD Agriculture and Rural Development Quiz 1

NABARD Agriculture and Rural Development Quiz provided by MockBank covers all the relevant topics coming in Agriculture and Rural Development Section of NABARD Grade A and B Exam. This is a must take quiz for any candidate trying to update his/ her knowledge of Agriculture and Rural Development and evaluating the preparation level for the NABARD Grade A and B Exam.

The quiz comprises of questions as per the latest trend and analysis of the NABARD Grade A and B Exam.

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NABARD Agriculture and Rural Development Quiz 1

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This section will comprise of questions from both Agriculture and Rural Development. The details are provided below


Present Scenario of Indian Agriculture and Allied activities.Recent trends, major challenges in agriculture measures to enhance viability of agriculture.

  • Factors of Production in agriculture
  • Agricultural Finance and Marketing
  • Agriculture: definition, meaning and its branches
  • Classification of field crops
  • Cropping Systems: Definition and types of cropping systems
  • Seed production, seed processing, seed village
  • Meteorology: weather parameters, crop-weather advisory
  • Precision Farming, System of Crop Intensification, organic farming
  • Soil and Water Conservation
  • Water Resources
  • Farm and Agri Engineering
  • Plantation & Horticulture
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Fisheries
  • Forestry
  • Agricultural extensions
  • Ecology and Climate Change

Rural Development:

  • Concept of Rural Area, Structure of the Indian Rural Economy-Importance and role of the rural sector in India
  • Economic, Social and Demographic Characteristics of the Indian rural economy
  • Causes of Rural Backwardness.
  • Rural population in India
  • Occupational structure, Farmers, Agricultural Labourers, Artisans, Handicrafts, Traders, Forest dwellers/tribes and others in rural India-
  • Trends of change in rural population and rural work force
  • Problems and conditions of rural labour; Issues and challenges in Handlooms
  • Panchayati Raj Institutions – Functions and Working. MGNREGA, NRLM – Aajeevika, Rural Drinking water Programmes, Swachh Bharat, Rural housing, PURA and other rural development programmes.
  • Rural Credit System, Role of Rural Credit in Rural Development.
  • Evolution and Growth of Rural Credit System in India.
  • Role and functions of RBI, NABARD, SIDBI and other financial institutions

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