Most Efficient way to prepare for GATE Exam

GATE 2017 Exam has been notified. We hope your preparation is going on in full flow for the exam.As we all know GATE is one big Exam you can’t afford to ill prepare. Here we are providing you with the Most Efficient way to prepare for GATE Exam along with the Resources Required to boost your Preparation.

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How To Prepare For GATE Exam? Check Out The Most Efficient Way To Prepare for GATE Exam Here!

  • Make a Study Plan  covering all the Topics.
  •  Follow your College Text books which are recommended.
  • The best thing about studying from College Text Books is that they will brush up your basics.
  • If have enrolled for any Coaching Institute, then refer their Study Material.
  • Give Online Mock Tests (atleast once a week)
  •  The best thing about giving Online Mock Tests is that they will help you knowing your weak areas.
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    GATE Resource Material

  •  You can refer the NPTEL video lectures if you find any kind of difficulty. These courses are available on the official website of NPTEL.
  • Key Points for GATE Preparation

    >Understand the GATE syllabus
  • Plan the GATE preparation
  • Gather important resources
  • Study good and relevant books
  • Start your preparation with dedication
  • Make revision notes
  • Practice Quizzes/tests
  • Solve previous year papers
  • Revise regularly
  • Attempt online quizzes/tests to know your performance before exam
  • GATE 2017 Preparation Tips and Tricks

    >GATE questions are not at all lengthy. So, if your solution is taking more time, than you are doing something wrong. You can think 8 steps as the cut off, after this, you must re-look your approach.
  • Both speed and accuracy are important, you should not sacrifice one for other while solving questions.
  • Total preparation time for GATE varies for each person. Factors like aptitude, fundamentals, attitude, concentration level, time given each day etc. Still you can consider 4-6 hours a day for 6 months enough for a person of average intelligence to get into IISc or IITs.
  • Keep checking your performance by solving some examples in model papers.
  • It does not matter how you reach the correct option quickly as long as you find the right option. Typical method may not be the fastest method to solve the problem.
  • Friends this is it for Most Efficient way to prepare for GATE Exam. If you have any queries/questions. Feel free to ask them in the comments section below. And we will be glad to answer them for you.
  • GATE Previous Year Solved papers

    >GATE Previous Year Solved papers Civil Engineering.
  • GATE Previous Year Solved papers Electrical Engineering.
  • GATE Previous Year Solved papers Electronics Engineering.
  • GATE Previous Year Solved papers Mechanical Engineering.
  • GATE Previous Year Solved papers Computer Science and IT.
  • GATE Previous Year Solved papers Chemical Engineering.
  • GATE Previous Year Solved papers Instrumentation Engineering.
  • GATE Online Mock Tests

    Dos and Donts for GATE 2017 Exam

    Here is a small and Crisp List of Dos and Donts for GATE 2017 Exam

    Dos for GATE 2017 Exam

    • Solve at-least last last 10 years Previous Papers. It will make you get the idea about the type of Questions being asked in the Exam.
    • Focus more on 2 mark questions. They boost your Score exponantially
    • Practice as many Mock-tests as you can (that too as per the Standard pattern of the Gate Exam)
    • Keep your fundamentals and concepts clear. The Questions asked in the GATE Exam are mostly based on the fundamental concepts.
    • By giving these you will actually know about question pattern and  gain experience for giving objective kind of test and also you will be  able to measure your standard as per other student so that you can  change yourself better to crack the exam

    Donts for GATE 2017 Exam

    • Do not waste your time stydying stuff that is out of syllabus.
    • Do not lose your hope and confidence in preparation.
    • Do not discuss the doubts just before the Exam at the Exam Centre.


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