1. Who is the author of the famous novel ‘The Lives of Others’?
A) Jhumpa Lahiri
B) Kiran Desai
C) Neel Mukherjee
D) Arundhati Roy
E) None of these2. Where is the headquarter of World Bank?
A) London
B) Paris
C) New York
D) Washington, D.C.
E) None of these

3. Which Union Territory is least populated according to census 2011?
A) Chandigarh
B) Lakshadweep
C) Puducherry
D) Daman and Diu
E) None of these

4. Who is the Vice Chairman of NITI Aayog ?
A) Sindhushree Khullar
B) Bibek Debroy
C) Arvind Panagariya
D) Jagdish Bhagwati
E) None of these

5. Baba Ramdev was recently appointed as brand ambassador by which state?
A) Haryana
B) Gujarat
C) Maharashtra
D) Uttarakhand
E) None of these

6. Who is only Indian batsman to score a century against Pakistan in a World Cup match ?
A) Yuvraj Singh
B) Rohit Sharma
C) Virat Kohli
D) Sachin Tendulkar
E) None of these

7. Who among the following has won the 2014 International Children’s Peace Prize?
A) Neha Gupta
B) Francia Simon
C) Chaeli Mycroft
D) Malala Yousafzai
E) None of these

8. Reserve Bank of India was established in which year?
A) 1935
B) 1947
C) 1949
D) 1952
E) None of these

9. Who is the Chief Minister of Puducherry ?
A) H. Rajesh Prasad
B) N. Rangaswamy
C) V. Vaithilingam
D) A. K. Singh
E) None of these

10.The first person to enter into space was
A) Valentina Tereshkova
B) Buzz Aldrin
C) Yuri Gagarin
D) Neil Armstrong
E) None of these

1. (C) 2. (D) 3. (B) 4. (C) 5. (A)
6. (C) 7. (A) 8. (A) 9. (B) 10. (C)