Hello Candidates. We are sure that all of you are anxious and excited about Govt job entrance exams. As part of our Winner’s curry series we have been bringing you Quantitative Aptitude questions and VIDEO solutions in our daily posts. Today we bring you Logical Reasoning Seating Arrangement Questions and answers. Checkout the questions and comment your answers.

Logical Reasoning Seating Arrangement Questions

Seating arrangement is usually the pain point of many banking aspirants. Questions are of comprehension type that means based on one figure at least 4-5 questions are asked. It takes fair amount of time but if you get the initial figure right then answering all the questions is piece of cake. Lets start by familiarising ourselves with the basic concepts of sitting arrangement.

Most seating arrangement questions can be divided into the following categories:

  • Single row arrangement : The data is given for single row only. These type of questions are the easiest to solve. The only thing to remember is the Left/Right distinction. C is in the middle. A is LEFT of B and D is right of C and so on.

L to R






  • Double row arrangement : These are comparatively difficult since the amount of information is large. Again the key is to not get confused of the right left directions. Check the double seated arrangement below.

L to R









  • Circular arrangement : These are the most difficult among all the sitting arrangement questions.  The amount of data is large and the information is not very definitive. There are two kinds of positions.
    •  a) Facing Inwards(Towards the centre) : The right is in anticlockwise direction and left is in the clockwise direction.

circle seating arrangement facing centre









  • b) Facing Outwards (Away  from the centre) : Right is in clockwise direction and left in anti- clockwise direction.

circle seating arrangement facing away from centre









The basic funda is to read all the statements carefully and identifying the connections and the statements which give definite information.

Tips and Tricks for solving Circular Arrangement Questions:

  • Draw a circle and mark number (1,2,3…).
  • Read the question
  • Arrange the information conveyed in every sentence, write it down
  • If you find a situation where one person or object can be fixed at 2 different positions then fix it at one position and arrange the rest of pieces accordingly. Now if you manage to arrange every other piece successfully – then the place which you had arbitrarily fixed is the correct place and vice versa.
  • Look for pieces with definite information. i.e. whose positions are 100% clear and accurate. This will ensure that those positions are fixed and not available for further rearrangement. After that start putting the other pieces as per given information.
  • If some people are facing outward and some facing inward, then mark the places with arrows pointing inward/outward.

Attempt the following questions to check your level of preparedness for seating arrangement questions in competitive exams. You can answer the questions in comments section. Also make sure you checkout tomorrow’s posts for solutions to these questions in VIDEO format by our Subject Expert.

Question 1 : Five girls are sitting in a row. Rashi is not adjacent to Sulekha or Abha. Anuradha is not adjacent to Sulekha; Rashi is adjacent to Monika. Monika is at the middle in the row. Then, Anuradha is adjacent to whom out of the following ?

A) Rashi
B) Sulekha
C) Abha
D) Monika

Question 2: Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below. 8 friends M, N, B, H, T, K, P and Y are sitting around a circular table in which, B is second left of P, who is between H and T. Y is not opposite of P; K is third left of B and N is between T and K. 

Who is between M and N?

A) K
B) B
C) P
D) Y

Question 3: 4 boys P, M, C and R and 4 girls E, H, S and A are sitting around a circular table. Two girls and two boys are not facing the centre.

  • (i) C is second to the left of S, who is not near to M.
  • (ii) E is third to the left of A and one of them is not facing the centre.
  • (iii) P is third to the right of M, both are facing the centre.
  • (iv) H is sitting in front of R and both are not near to M and A.

Which of the following pairs of 4 students are not facing the centre?

A) C, R S and E
B) E, P, S and R
C) P, S, E and C
D) P, C, A and S

Question 4:  8 persons Z,X,Y,P,S,M,R and K are sitting around a square and facing at the center. Two persons are sitting at each side of the square. X is infront of S who is third to the right of Z who is infront of K who is third to the right of M. P is second to the right of Y and infront of R.

Who are the neighbours of Z?

A) P and Y
B) R and X
C) S and M
D)  Can’t be determined


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