Reasoning Quiz: Linear Seating Arrangement Questions for IBPS PO and Clerk

Linear Seating Arrangement Questions for all banking and sarkari naukri examinations.

Reasoning Quiz: Linear Seating Arrangement Questions for IBPS PO and Clerk

Basic Concepts:

There are two types of problems asked in competitive exams, from this topic.

  1. One Row arrangement – In one row arrangement problems, people or objects sits in a row either facing North or South. So, we have to make arrangement according to the direction of face of the people.

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sbi po 2. Two Row arrangement – In two row arrangement problems, there are two groups of people or objects sits in a two rows and people sitting in a first row facing North or South and vice versa.

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Points to Remember:

  1. If two information is joining by “and” , than the information is talking about the first person.
  2. If two information is joining by “who”, than the information given after “who” is talking about the second person.
  3. Adjacent – means – next to each other not opposite to each other. A and B is adjacent to each other, which means they are immediate neighbor of each other.

Row Seating arrangement problems are always asked in the puzzles section of bank and insurance officers examinations.These questions could easily give you full marks in matter of 4-5 minutes. You just need to know basic rules to solve it which we have provided you. Puzzles questions are basically plays the important role in securing good marks in the reasoning. Most important part of puzzle questions are reading the question very carefully. For more clarification, here are some questions to solve use these basics and complete the puzzle within 5 mintues. From this section, 5 questions will definitely will come in all banking, insurance and sarkari naukri examinations.

Linear Seating Arrangement Questions and Quiz:

Directions: There are 2 puzzles each having 5 questions. Now Study the given information to answer the questions given below.



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Friends this is it for Reasoning Preparation. If you have any queries/questions, Feel free to ask them in the comments section below. And we will be glad to answer them for you.



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