Last minute tips for Competitive/Bank exams preparation

RBI GRADE B Last minute tips for competitive bank exams preparation

Dear MockBankers

With only a week left before RBI Grade B Phase I 2015, the heat is on. As the exam approaches near, you start doubting your meticulous preparation and feel you are forgetting everything you have learned so far. Suddenly simple concepts start wreaking havoc on your brain and the negativity consumes your thoughts.

If this is the case with you, don’t panic. You aren’t alone. Everybody goes through pre-examination stress and its only natural that you are feeling the same. To alleviate your fears, we present to you tips and tricks prepared by our experts to beat examination stress.

1. Remove all the distractions :

First things first. In order to concentrate better and manage your study better, remove all the distractions from the place of your study. This can be anything from your gadgets(phone, ipod, laptop etc) to a window. Every thing that distracts you makes your mind go crazy. Not only you start worrying about all the things that aren’t right, you also feel bogged down because you are unable to utilize your time to its full potential. So, set up a routine of removing all distractions from your study space and voila you will see your productivity increase by huge margins.

2. Study in different spaces:

To counter the boredom arising from continuously studying from long hours, try changing the settings around you. Research shows that you tend to retain more information when you study in different locations. That said, it doesn’t means that you need a palace to study. If you are feeling bored in your room, try the other room. Experiment with the lighting and you will feel that your mind is suddenly more receptive (not to forget more alert) and retains information better.

3.  Breathe:

We can’t stress this point enough. Your breathing plays an important role in your learning. Whenever your mind is blasted with thoughts like ‘this is so tough’, ‘there are so many candidates’ or  ‘ohh my god! i cant answer this simple question’ etc, then practice deep breathing for 1-2 minutes. To practice that, just close your eyes and concentrate on the tip of your nose, breathe in and count till 7. Then hold the breath for 3-4 seconds and breathe out for 7 seconds. What is essentially does is REBOOT your brain enabling you to trash all the worries and start working with a positive mindset.

4. Breaks:

Well a break never hurt anyone, did it? After 1 hour of study, make it a point to stop for 15 minutes and let your mind relax. You can stretch yourself, do a quick workout or just take a good ol stroll. The key is pausing the learning activity for 15 minutes. Research has shown that studying (learning in general) for continuous duration makes you lethargic. On the contrary studying with intermittent breaks has been shown to increase your learning. The problem with breaks is they extend very easily. You feel like doing everything (that you otherwise would never do) in that break time and a 15 minute break extends to 1-2 hours thereby disrupting your cycle of study altogether. Put a countdown timer or an alarm of 10-15 minutes and make it a point to get back to study once it is over.

5. Plan your Day

After you are done for the day, make a plan for the next day. Just a general plan to get you started. My personal plan is to get up, do a yoga session of 15 minutes, followed by stretching and a sumptuous breakfast. Then i start working on my articles. This is what works for me and i have a motto when i wake up in the morning. Use a calendar app  to put the study schedule on your Calendar app. Check and update your calendar regularly to remind yourself of your study schedule.

People, this is it for today. I know this not a post on how to study for RBI Grade B. We have already done that. Click here to read previous posts on Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, General Awareness and English. (Hindi & English).

We will also do a last week preparation tips for RBI Grade B tomorrow. Please let us know, what is troubling you the most and we will cover that in tomorrow’s article.



  • Anuj

    Thanks a lot .

    This time we need some tips how to revise the whole of GA topics in limited time and the short important tricks which will help us in English, quantitative aptitude and reasoning section. Above this we need the do’s and dont’s during the exam time and how to attempt the paper??