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IRDA Precis Writing Tips, Steps & Examples/Sample:

p>Continuing the series of posts on IRDA Phase I and Phase II preparation, today we will focus on precis writing.

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Many aspirants are confused about what exactly precis writing is? Basically precis means writing a smart summary for a lengthy passage.

Writing a precis is not rocket science. One basic thing required for a perfect precis is to have a crystal clear understanding of the long passage. The reason behind this is, if you do not have the understanding of the passage, then you wouldn’t be able to include it’s essential points, thereby defeating the purpose of the precis.
Friends, are you ready to write amazing precis, then read on:


IRDA Precis Writing Tips

DA Precis Writing Tip # 1: Length (Word limit) of Precis.
  1. The length of precis should be one third of the original text.
  2. For eg: If the original passage is of 900 words, the precis should be of 300 words.
  3. To count the number of words in a text, remember this: The number of words in a line on an average is 7. Just count the number of lines and voila you have the number of words.

IRDA Precis Writing Tip #2: Writing Style.IRDA precis writing tips, IRDA précis writing exercises, IRDA précis writing passages, IRDA précis writing examples pdf, IRDA precis writing steps

  1. While writing a precis, make sure it reflects your writing style.
  2. The precis should be in your ( the writer’s) language.
  3. Do not reduce the length of the original passage by deleting the unimportant & redundant lines/phrases.
  4. Rather it should be the gist of your understanding of the passage.
  5. Think of precis as reading some piece of text and then telling it to your friend.

IRDA Precis Writing Tip #3: No Mirchi Masala.

  1. Your precis should not contain information/observations that are not relevant to the passage.
  2. So you are telling something to your friend but without your mirch masala.
  3. It should only contain the essential thoughts and ideas reflecting the theme of the original passage.

IRDA Precis Writing Tip #4: Reported Speech.

  1. Remember the precis is always written in Reported Speech.
  2. Confused about what is Reported Speech. Let us google that for you.
  3. Suppose your friend ‘Kabra’ told you: I’m going to research on ZIKA virus tonight.
  4. Now you want to pass on this information to your other friend: You will say “Kabra said: he will research on Zika virus tonight. “
  5. This is reported speech.
  6. So the passage given might be created by a person in Direct Speech, but while writing the precis it should be in Reported Speech, in Third Person and obviously in Past tense.

IRDA Precis Wr

IRDA Precis Writing Steps

ve seen the tips to write a precis, let us see the steps involved in writing a precis. Basically precis writing is a three step process. The three ingredients to produce a good precis are:

  1. Reading
  2. Writing and
  3. Revision.

IRDA Precis Writing Step#1: Reading.IRDA precis writing tips, IRDA précis writing exercises, IRDA précis writing passages, IRDA précis writing examples pdf, IRDA precis writing steps

  1. As discussed above, getting the gist of the passage is important to make the precis successful.
  2. If you cannot figure out the theme of passage, then read it again for the second time.
  3. You can also use our Reading Comprehension Tips for better understanding of the passage in least time.
  4. Find the leading sentence or paragraph. Meaning, find out that paragraph which leads the theme of the passage.
  5. Make sure you understand everything in the passage. You shouldn’t miss anything important.
  6. Start the process of selection.
  7. You should decide which ideas mentioned in the passage are essential and which others are of secondary or have zero value.
  8. When you take the main ideas of the passage as your reference point, writing a precis with all the importatn points should be a piece of cake.

IRDA Precis Writing Step#2: Writing

  1. Provide a suitable title to your precise.
    IRDA precis writing tips, IRDA précis writing exercises, IRDA précis writing passages, IRDA précis writing examples pdf, IRDAessay writing
  2. First write a draft of the precis.
  3. Keep in mind you need to reduce the length of the passage to one third.
  4. The main thoughts expressed in the passage, the ideas it contains, the opinions presented and the conclusion arrived at should be present in the rough draft.
  5. Unimportant things like the names of people and places and dates should not figure in it.
  6. It might happen that the first draft is rather long/crude.
  7. Shorten it, if necessary.

IRDA Precis Writing Step#3: Revision.IRDA Precise writing Revision

  1. Revise your final draft.
  2. Look for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.
  3. Make sure that the transition from the original text to precis is smooth.
  4. Voila your precis is ready to get maximum marks for IRDA Phase II english paper.

IRDA Precis Writing Example/S

IRDA Precis Writing Example/Sample.

com/bulletin/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/IRDA-precis-writing-example-min.jpg">IRDA precis writing example-min

Precis of above paragraph

Title: ANGER Management

Precis: Anger refers to an emotional state accompanied by physiological and biological changes, wherein blood pressure increases and adrenaline and nor adrenaline become active. It is caused by internal and external events along with memories of past events. It is a natural adaptive response to threats, and is therefore necessary for survival. Social norms and common sense check our expression of anger. There are three main approaches to anger – expressing, suppressing and calming. Expression in an unaggressive manner is healthy. Suppression and conversion into constructive activities is also healthy. Controlling your internal responses until the feeling subsides is also plausible. Some people are more hot-headed than others. Some don’t show any anger but are always irritable. This may be because of genetic or socio-cultural factors. Family plays an important role in anger-management. People who cannot manage anger properly are known to have come from disruptive and chaotic family environments.

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Friends this is it for IRDA Precis Writing Tips, Steps and Examples/Sample. If you have any queries or sample precis for IRDA Phase II examination, please write them in the comments section below. All the best for IRDA Junior Officer Exam.

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