IRDA & LIC: Insurance Awareness Quiz 1

Insurance Awareness Quiz


IRDA & LIC: Insurance Awareness Quiz provided by MockBank covers all the  relevant topics for IRDA Junior Officer and LIC AAO. This is a must take quiz for any candidate trying to update his/ her insurance awareness.

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  • Dushyant Atram

    not to offend anyone, but please explain Randomness (If you’re wondering i scored 3)


    In first question… insurance depends on ..ans is …all 3 …but randomness???? kuchh bataiye ki kaise randomness pe bhi depend krta hai ..aur sharing wala point bhi clear kijiye ..ADMIN SIR / MA’AM ..

  • Rahul

    The quiz is a bullshit.


      Well Rahul mind telling us your score.? and any possible reasons for this level of condescension? Any suggestions would also come handy.

      • Ashish

        please explain your answers so that we can gain insight into these questions.