IRDA Junior Officer Phase I Sectional Syllabus, Preparation Tips, Expected Cutoffs, and Books to read

IRDA Junior Officer Exam pattern, syllabus and marks Distribution. IRDA Junior Officer Reasoning Preparation Tips. IRDA Junior Officer English Preparation Tips. IRDA Junior Officer General Awareness Preparation Tips. IRDA Junior Officer Quantitative Aptitude Preparation Tips. IRDA Junior Officer Preparation Strategy.

IRDA Junior Officer Phase I Preparation Tips.

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IRDA recently released notification for recruitment for the post of Junior Officers with salary upto INR 74,000, this is even greater than RBI Grade B (Checkout Latest Salary for all Banking exams here). Our topic for today is about the most coveted IRDA Junior Officer Exam. Let us keep it straight and simple, you have to do a lot of hard + smart work to clear this exam. The seats are limited but the preparation is worth it. Something about the IRDA Junior Level examination you should know: 

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  • IRDA Junior Officer is the most reputed entry level job in Insurance sector and far far better from LIC AAO.
  • To make an analogy IRDA has the same status in the insurance sector, what RBI enjoys in the Banking Sector.
  • Basically IRDA is the regulatory body for Insurance, much the same way as RBI is for banking sector. Hence the high salary.
  • So you can say IRDA Junior Officer post is analogous to RBI Grade B Officer job.
  • This year about 5 lakh people will appear for IRDA Junior Officer Exam.

IRDA Junior Officer Phase I: Exam Pattern and Marks Distribution.

The competition is going to be very high. And you can survive it and come out with one seat only if you have a proper strategy. So let us start a point wise analysis of this IRDA Junior Officer Exam that will help you make a killer strategy and Preparation Tips. Today we will focus only on Phase I of IRDA JO exam. Watch out this space for Phase II tomorrow.

  • The first phase is the online written exam having 4 Sections namely Reasoning, General awareness, English and Quantitative aptitude.
  • You will get  160 (4X40) questions which will carry 160 marks in total and time limit is 100 minutes.
  • Mind you that each section will have individual cutoff as well.

IRDA Junior Officer Pattern:

Sr. No. Name of Tests (Objective) No of Questions Maximum Marks Total Time
1 Reasoning 40 40 Composite time of 100 minutes
2 English Language 40 40
3  General Awareness 40 40
4 Quantitative aptitude 40 40
Total 160 160

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IRDA Junior Officer Preparation: Reasoning Syllabus, Preparation Tips, Books to Read.

The Reasoning section of 40 marks will be used for high score and clearing overall cutoffs.

IRDA Junior Officer Preparation: Reasoning Syllabus.

  • Sitting Arrangement.(click for questions and topic concept)
  • Puzzle Test.
  • Syllogism.
  • Data Sufficiency Problems.
  • Blood Relationship Problems.
  • Series Problems.
  • Input- Output/ Sequential Output Tracing.
  • Direction Sense Problems.
  • Statement Assumption/Conclusion/Arguement/Course of Action.
  • Ordering and Ranking.

IRDA Junior Officer Preparation: Reasoning Preparation Tips.

  • Reasoning problems are more logic based and there are no formulae to be used.
  • One needs to apply common sense and understanding of the subject. Hence, regular practice is very important.
  • When you start your preparation for Reasoning i.e. when you are learning basics, don’t keep any time limit and solve questions at your own pace.
  • Once you are comfortable with the type of problems, then start to improve your speed.
  • Concept building is not a speed increasing exercise; it’s an effort to improve your understanding and accuracy.
  • You should try to solve 30-50 questions on each topic shown above.
  • However, if you already are comfortable with a particular topic, you can move to the next topic to make best use of your time.  Similarly, if you are not getting clarity on a particular topic, you should invest more time on perfecting it.

We will post daily quizzes for IRDA preparation.

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You can also comment in this article to tell us which topics quiz do you need.

IRDA Junior Officer Preparation: Reasoning Books to be referred. 

The expected Cutoff for Reasoning Section of IRDA Junior Officer is 11-13.

IRDA Junior Officer Preparation: English Syllabus, Preparation Tips, Books to Read.

IRDA Junior Officer Preparation: English Syllabus.

IRDA Junior Officer Preparation: English Books to be referred. 

  1. Grammar book by Wren & Martin
  2. Word Power Made Easy and Better English by Norman Lewis.

IRDA Junior Officer Preparation: English Preparation Tips

  • English Language is one such section where you need to work on intuition and understanding.
  • If you have enough time, there is one advice that can take you places – READ.
  • Form a regular habit of reading newspapers and novels which would help you to both increase your vocabulary and understanding at the same time.
  • Complete the books like “Word Power Made Easy” and “Wren and Martin”. Alongside, keep practicing Reading comprehension, Para Jumbles and Cloze Test paragraphs from a book.
  • Devote at least 1.5 hours daily to these activities.
  • For Grammar, keep revising the rules and write them essentially from topics like Subject Verb Agreement and Tenses.
  • Over the month, you would realize that constant reading practice has helped you to become better with English which has been considered as a nemesis for a long time by a lot of students.
  • Click here to take daily vocabulary challenge.

The expected Cutoff for English Section of IRDA Junior Officer is 12-15.

IRDA Junior Officer Preparation: General Awareness Syllabus, Preparation Tips, Books to Read.

IRDA Junior Officer Preparation: General Awareness Preparation Tips

  • The test will also include questions relating to India and its neighbouring countries especially pertaining History, Culture, Geography, Economic Scene, General Policy & Scientific Research.
  • Unlike banking recruitment exams, the GA section of IRDA Junior Officer, less emphasis is given to current affairs.
  • Instead Majority of questions are designed to test awareness about your surroundings and its implications to the society.
  • Read General Awareness Pratiyogita Darpan or any other current affairs magazine like CST, Chronicle or Wizard.Focus on the most recent issues of the magazine.Focus on the topics like economy, politics, international affairs, etc. within the magazine.
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IRDA Junior Officer Preparation: General Awareness Syllabus.

  • National & International Current Affairs:
  • Indian Geography
  • History- India and World
  • Indian Polity
  • Indian Culture and Heritage

IRDA Junior Officer Preparation: General Awareness Books to read. 

For Current Affairs.

For Normal topics: 

The expected Cutoff for General Awareness Section of IRDA Junior Officer is 9-12. 

IRDA Junior Officer Preparation: Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus, Preparation Tips, Books to Read.

IRDA Junior Officer Preparation: Quantitative Aptitude Preparation Tips

  • Quantitative aptitude is one of the most time consuming section in exam hall.
  • This is the section which causes many ‘Un-selections’.
  • Time is the major constraint in this exam.
  • Attempt only those question which take less time.
  • Data Interpretation is the most important part and should be your preference.
  • Try to learn shortcut tricks to save time in bulky calculations.
  • Focus on important topics only.
  • Click on the topics below to read concepts, give quizzes and watch videos prepared by experts.

IRDA Junior Officer Preparation: Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus. 

Click on the topics below to read concepts, tips and solve quizzes on those topics.

  • Sequence and Series
  • Simplifications
  • Mensuration
  • Quadratic Equation

IRDA Junior Officer Preparation: Quantitative Aptitude Books to refer. 

1)NCERT  books.

2)Fast Track Objective Arithmetic (Arihant) Rajesh Verma.

3)Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations (S.Chand) R.S.Agarwal.

The expected Cutoff for Quantitative Aptitude Section of IRDA Junior Officer is 8-11.

IRDA Junior Officer Phase I Sectional Syllabus, Preparation Tips, Expected Cutoffs, and Books to read

IRDA Junior Officer Preparation Strategy: 

We have only a month left. That means only 30 days are there for acing the exam. Is 30 Days a small time? Definitely not! If and only if you are entirely dedicated to devote every minute (or lets be serious each and every second) of these 30 days to this IRDA Junior Officer Exam.

You have to work hard and Party Practice even harder.

  1. Evaluate  which areas you are strong at make yourself even more stronger in those areas. You should make yourself the master of those areas. It means if 10 questions will be asked from that topic, you should be able to answer all 10 ( 9 will be a bad score)your strength and weakness from all the chapters and plan your attempts strategically.
  2. Increase your reading speed (Click here for Speed Reading Tips )
  3. After getting a stronghold on concepts and basic questions, start learning shortcuts tricks. For this you should memorize tables, squares, cubes and fractions for faster calculations.
  4. Read English News paper and watch English News channel daily for English Language Preparation.
  5. Learn what to leave and how to attempt scoring sections quickly.
  6. Give as many full length and sectional mock tests to understand paper pattern, time allocation and identify further your weak areas.
  7. After completing Mock Tests, analyse your attempt and focus on getting 90- 100% accuracy
  8. If you are taking 1 minute or more to solve any question, Try to practice and increase your speed.

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The above mock tests are researched and prepared by experts and are as per the exact exam pattern of IRDA Junior Officer exam.

Remember you will be eligbile for phase II only after you clear Objective paper and score high enough in that. Practice is your key. The more you practice, the better your chances of selection.

We will post IRDA Phase II Preparation tips tomorrow.

Friends, this is it for IRDA Junior Officer examination preparation tips. If you have any queries, please ask them in the comments section below.

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