Interview experiences:

Here are couple of Interview experiences of MockBank Students.
Experience 1: IBPS PO Candidate in Chennai
The interview lasted about 15 minutes, questions asked
started with, how frequently do u go to a bank, said very rarely, have u ever
been to atleast open an account, or an agent opened it for u, i said..yes
i  have operated a bank acct barring netbanking. then “tell me about
yourself”, and then went on to why banking though you have an interest in
science, which led me into opening up about Australia, and then
“qualification in oil and gas”, how is it related to banking,
then…can u work anywhere in india said yes. , questions about Dehradun as
well, Doon school and the the other school in Mussoorie where SRK’s children
study, and about Karaikal port as well…how many ships dock every year, and
have they completed constructing berth no.4 and 5, (maybe they are lenders to
them)(they haven’t constructed…wild guess)……..the positive and negative
conflict…….about Karaikal port: said they have financial issues due to
downturn, if the economy turns around, they will easily compete with Tuticorin
Experience 2: IBPS PO Candidate in Bhubaneswar
The interview lasted about 15 minutes and was a stress
interview – the panelists did not let me finish any answer, and kept asking
more questions, laughing at my answers. I stayed calm.
where do you belong
What is the place famous for
name the famous personality of the town
Where did Obama land?
specific part of the airport for obama
name of obama’s plane
name of obama’s car
features of beast (obama’s car)
why did you leave your co.
what does your co. do
what did you do at your company
why do you want to join a psu
astronomy vs astrology
do u believe in astrology

(ended abruptly)