India can never forget those years which were spent under the rule and under the thumb of the British aristocracy and the East India Company. Since we gained independence in 1947, there have been several long drawn debates pertaining to the long lasting effects of colonial rule. To be fair, harsh though it was, the British did deliver a good dose of reality into the denizens of India to get our act together. They built the railways, and developed a network of communication through introducing the English language to the elite. Most importantly, they developed a set of tier-I cities, which, through decades to come would remain to be the most developed, advanced and populated sections of the country, the metropolitans.

India has Edge over Bharat When it Comes to Sarkari Naukri

Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, etc. are some of the cities which hold these coveted positions, and those who reside in them are blessed indeed. These cities, (after ignoring the contrasting images of poverty and wealth, hunger and fast food) are every bit the glamorous go-to locations that they are projected to be.

Bank exam and government job exam aspirants who live in the urban, metropolitan areas definitely do have an upper hand in clearing the same as they have several positives to their advantage. We cannot emphasise more on the fundamentally elevated level of the aspirant which he or she stands on without even trying, but just by being in such a city. One of the main factors contributing to this is the standard of education that people from urban cities receive – which is significantly better, focused, driven and more student-centred and student-concerned than the kind of education provided in the rural areas.

In addition, city-dwellers’ command over the English language is significantly better as they are more exposed to that culture of communication through English for all general and local purposes. Their casual conversations all generally take place in the English language which help them gain more confidence in its usage. They can therefore attend the paper easily as compared to the rural-dwellers who are not as exposed to the language and have to put in an extra effort to learn its intricacies.

India has Edge over Bharat When it Comes to Sarkari Naukri

Next, the overall exposure that city-people get is far beyond what rural people have access to. Urbaners live in cosmopolitan areas wherein they are introduced to people from all walks of life. This gives them an all-round holistic perspective and worldview which makes their outlook completely altered as compared to a rural-dweller’s holed-up mentality. This perception is highly likely to blend and integrate into one’s personality itself which brings us to the next point. Because of all of the above mentioned details, an urbaner’s personality is more suitable for a government or PSU job rather than a rural person’s.

The final point we are going to address is access. Access to those assets which will help them successfully pass the exam and advance in their career. Since metro cities attract more coaching centres, more learned people, seminars, workshops, programs, and unlimited access to materials, this is an ideal and most conducive place for one to prepare for exams and pass them with flying colours.

In conclusion, it is to be said that in spite of the surface level disadvantages a rural-dweller faces, this is still scope and opportunity (and in many cases, significant evidence) that they can far out-beat urban-dwellers and bag the opportunities that the latter are provided with on a silver platter.


  1. I extremely agree with is the basic thing we need to consider.why English is necessary in government job… If u see ,aspirants who are from rural areas stuck with English language in competitive exams while urban areas aspirants score high get a chance of success.
    I think English should not be use as an intelligence check,it’s a language.if they want to check language understanding then it should be qualifying in nature that is the only solution in our country, where many types of languages are spoken.
    If they want to check intelligence they can check this by mathematics,reasoning,psycho any other except language understanding.
    This is the very big obstacle in our country.we must need to consider and take a valuable step about this……
    Nahi to wahi hoga Jo hai….
    Garib garib hi rah jayenge …aur Amir aur Amir Ho jayenge.

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