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Most Important Reasoning Questions for Government Exams

Dear MockBankers

Reasoning is typically the most Ttricky section of any banking/recruitment examination. As per recent banking exams analysis, reasoning section is becoming tougher to solve and is the reason for many candidates not being able to clear sectional cutoffs. It takes much time to solve, plus it has one of the lowest accuracy percentage among all the sections asked. Many candidates complain about failing to clear Reasoning’s sectional cutoff by 1-2 marks in exam, although they are able to clear overall cutoffs. There can be numerous reasons for this:

  1. Its all about tricks and tricks. You use a wrong trick and you get an  incorrect answer.
  2. Questions which ideally take 2 minutes, end up taking more than 5 minutes, messing up entire time tables.
  3. Confusion in final solutions.

To help you do the best preparation. And to check in your present level in the final days,  we have come up with a series of Quizzes. These will surely help you ace the final exam.

And not only that, there is a high probability that the same questions may be asked in the upcoming  Exams. So buckle up, get your thinking hat on and Go for it. All the best.

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  1. Assertion and Reason Quiz
  2. Seating Arrangement Quiz
  3. Floor Seating Arrangement Quiz
  4. Linear Seating Arrangement Quiz
  5. Circular Seating Arrangement  Quiz
  6. Square Seating Arrangement Quiz
  7. Alphabet Test Quiz
  8. Cubes and Dice Quiz
  9. Arithmetic Reasoning  Quiz
  10. Ranking and Arrangement Quiz
  11. Symbols and Notations Quiz
  12. Inserting Missing Character Quiz
  13. Analogy Quiz
  14. Direction Sense Quiz
  15. Coding and Decoding Quiz
  16. Data Sufficiency Quiz
  17. Syllogism Quiz
  18. Statement and Cause Quiz 

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Friends, this is it for the Most Important Reasoning Questions for Government Exams. If you have any query regarding Most Important Reasoning Questions for Government Exams , Please share itcores in the comments section below, along with your scores and any suggestions you have.


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