Important General Awareness Questions for RRB NTPC & RRC Group D Exam - Day 3

Important General Awareness Questions for RRB NTPC & RRC Group D Exam – Day 3

Are you looking for General Awareness for RRB NTPC exam, or for RRB RRB Group D Rcam & upcoming SSC exams? If yes, you are in the right place. Mockbank has started a new series of important General Awareness Question which will be helpful for SSC CHSL, CGL, Stenographer, RRC Group D,& Railway NTPC Exams 2019-20.

In this SSC & Railways General Awareness Question Series, we will provide you with Daily General Awareness Question PDF. You can download the PDF of the current affair for Railway exams 2020 in English from the link given below.

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1. The Attorney General of India is the ______ of the Government of India.

Ans. Chief Law Officer

2. Limbs of frog, lizard, bird and human are example of ______ organs.

Ans. Homologous

3. The motion of a freely falling body is an example of ______________ accelerated motion.

Ans. Uniformly

4. Increased wind speed is accompanied by a reduced air _____________.

Ans. Pressure

5. In Microsoft Word, ____________ are small dots, squares, dashes or graphics that are often seen before the text.

Ans. Bullets

6. Optical fiber works on the principle of

Ans. Total Internal Reflection

7. The Environment (Protection) Act of India was enacted in the year

Ans. 1986

8. The Mahabodhi Temple Complex, which is one of the four holy sites related to the life of the Lord Buddha, is located in

Ans. Bihar

9. Mount St. Helens is an active volcano located at 46.2°N latitude, 122.18°W longitude in the _______.

Ans. United States

10. Which Schedule of the Constitution of India lists the States and Union Teritories of India?

Ans. First Schedule

11. In a Windows-based computer, two files cannot be in the same folder if

Ans. they have the same name, and are of the same file type

12. The Gandhara art – a style of Buddhist visual art that developed between 1st century BCE and the 7th century CE, flourished largely during the ______________ dynasty.

Ans. Kushan

13. Monosaccharides, also called simple sugars, are the simplest form of sugar and the most basic units of ________.

Ans. Carbohydrates

14. UNITAR stands for

Ans. United Nations Institute for Training and Research

15. How much time does a Geostationary satellite take to complete one orbit, at the height of 35790 km?

Ans. 24 hours

16. In which Indian State is the Nanda Devi Peak located?

Ans. Uttarakhand

17. A liquid drop, contracts because of the attraction of its particles and occupies the smallest possible area. This phenomenon is known as _________.

Ans. Surface Tension

18. Bombayla Devi Laishram is an Indian ______ a member of the national recurve team representing India.

Ans. archer

19. Abhinav Bharat Society of revolutionaries was organized by –

Ans. Vinayak Savarkar

20. Type of a file in a computer can be identified by the ________

Ans. File extension

21. The Ajanta Cave Paintings are a testimony to the golden age of ___________ in India.

Ans. Buddhism

22. What does GUI stand for with respect to a computer?

Ans. Graphical User Interface

23. If a Panchayat is dissolved, elections are to be held within

Ans. Six months from the date of dissolution

24. _____ was discovered by J. J. Thomson in 1897 when he was studying the properties of cathode ray.

Ans. Electron

25. A _______ is an appliance or device designed to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes.

Ans. surge protector

26. In a food chain, what is the difference between primary consumers and secondary consumers?

Ans. Primary consumers eat only plants and secondary consumers eat primary consumers

27. What is the full form of FDI?

Ans. Foreign Direct Investment

28. In which situation, wages and prices chase each other at a very quick speed?

Ans. Hyper-inflation

29. Banking comes under which sector?

Ans. Tertiary sector

30. What was the main objective of the 5th Five Year Plan?

Ans. Removal of poverty and achievement of self-reliance

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That is all on Day 1 of 30 Important Questions asked in Railway RRB Group D Exams. We hope you liked the questions given above and found them as a useful addition to your  Exam preparation knowledge for Railway RRB NTPC Exam, RRB Group D Exams, RRB ALP Exams and SSC CGL Exam. Day 4 would be updated in next day and all the best.