Important General Awareness Questions for RRB NTPC & RRC Group D Exam - Day 24

Important General Awareness Questions for RRB NTPC & RRC Group D Exam – Day 24

Are you looking for General Awareness for RRB NTPC exam, or for RRB RRB Group D Rcam & upcoming SSC exams? If yes, you are in the right place. Mockbank has started a new series of important General Awareness Question which will be helpful for SSC CHSL, CGL, Stenographer, RRC Group D,& Railway NTPC Exams 2019-20.

In this SSC & Railways General Awareness Question Series, we will provide you with Daily General Awareness Question PDF. You can download the PDF of the current affair for Railway exams 2020 in English from the link given below.

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1. Indian Economy is a:
Ans. Mixed economy

2. The capital of Rawanda is:
Ans. Kigali

3. Where do Bhagirathi and Alakananda join Ganga?
Ans. Dev Prayag

4. Which of the following is one of the characteristics of civil services in India?
Ans. Neutarality and Impartiality

5. When was the railway system established in India?
Ans. 1853

6. Ezra cup is associated with which sports?
Ans. Polo

7. The name of the Laccadive, Minicoy and Amindivi islands was changed to Lakshadweep by an act of Parliament in:
Ans. 1973

8. J. B. Say’s Law of Market was not accepted by:
Ans. Malthus

9. Soap helps in better cleaning because:
Ans. It reduces the surface tension of the solution

10. The abbreviation LHC stands for which machine?
Ans. Large Hadron Collider

11. In India, Dugong (Sea Cow) is found in the bio reserve site of:
Ans. Gulf of Mannar

12. Who advocated Nazism in Germany?
Ans. Adolf filter

13. Which bank is limited to the needs of agriculture and rural finance?

14. The 1st battle of Panipat was fought in the year:
Ans. 1526

15. “Madhu bani”, a style of folk paintings is popular in which of the following states in India?
Ans. Bihar

16. Which amendment of the constitution lowered the voting age from 21 years to 18 years?
Ans. 61st Amendment

17. The fourteen major banks in India were nationalized in the year:
Ans. 1969

18. One rupee notes are issued by the:
Ans. Government of India

19. The name of the train ‘Shatabdi Express’ refers to the centenary of:
Ans. Jawaharlal Nehru

20. Kolkata and Delhi are connected by:
Ans. N.H. No. 2

21. The driest part of India is:
Ans. Western Rajasthan

22. ‘Mumbai High’ is associated with:
Ans. Petroleum

23. India switched over to the decimal currency system in:
Ans. 1957

24. As an export item of India, which spice occupies the top position in value?
Ans. Chillies

25. How much of India’s total geographical area is forest land?
Ans. 23%

26. The Second Plan gave priority to:
Ans. Heavy Industries

27. The power to decide an Election Petition for the State is vested in the:
Ans. High Courts

28. How many items are there in the Union List?
Ans. 97

29. What is the maximum gap permissible between two sessions of Parliament?
Ans. Six months

30. When were the Fundamental Duties incorporated in the Constitution?
Ans. 1976

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That is all on Day 1 of 30 Important Questions asked in Railway RRB Group D Exams. We hope you liked the questions given above and found them as a useful addition to your  Exam preparation knowledge for Railway RRB NTPC Exam, RRB Group D Exams, RRB ALP Exams and SSC CGL Exam. Day 25 would be updated in next day and all the best.