Important General Awareness Questions for RRB NTPC & RRC Group D Exam - Day 21

Important General Awareness Questions for RRB NTPC & RRC Group D Exam – Day 21

Are you looking for General Awareness for RRB NTPC exam, or for RRB RRB Group D Rcam & upcoming SSC exams? If yes, you are in the right place. Mockbank has started a new series of important General Awareness Question which will be helpful for SSC CHSL, CGL, Stenographer, RRC Group D,& Railway NTPC Exams 2019-20.

In this SSC & Railways General Awareness Question Series, we will provide you with Daily General Awareness Question PDF. You can download the PDF of the current affair for Railway exams 2020 in English from the link given below.

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1. Prithvi-1 missile was inducted into the _____in 1994.
Ans. Indian Army

2. _____ is issued by the court in case of illegal detention of a person.
Ans. Habeas Corpus

3. At the time of Emergency, the Indian State becomes unitary from _____.
Ans. Quasi-federal

4. Bos Taurus is a scientific name of _____.
Ans. Cow

5. Domestic cows are a species called _______.
Ans. Bos taurus

6. _____ is the Kuchipudi dancer.
Ans. Anupama Mohan

7. Who was the Viceroy when the Simon Commission visited India
Ans. Lord Irwin

8. Animals active at night are called:
Ans. Nocturnal

9. Lines joining places of equal temperature are called:
Ans. Isotherms

10. In which atmospheric layer are the communication satellites located
Ans. Ionosphere

11. The book, ‘Born Again on the Mountain’ is authored by:
Ans. Arunima Sinha

12. Which state has recently celebrated the Kati Bihu festival 2018?
Ans. Assam

13. The scientists of which space agency have found superflares from the Young Red Dwarf Stars imperiling planets?

14. Who has won the Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2018?
Ans. Marsel van Oosten

15. How many days the moon takes to revolve around the earth?
Ans. 27.33

16. …. is an active factor of production
Ans. Labour

17. ____ was the American computer service company and it was known for its web browser.
Ans. Netscape

18. Netscape was founded in_____
Ans. 1994

19. Who among the following was the first Governor General of India?
Ans. Lord William Bentinck

20. ______ is a mixture of gases that can be produced by agricultural waste, sewage, green waste, food waste. etc
Ans. Biogas

21. In which one of the following sessions was the Indian National Congress split into moderates and extremists?
Ans. Surat

22. Bar is a unit of
Ans. Pressure

23. A mother of blood group O has a group O child. What could be the blood group of the father of the child?
Ans. A or B or O

24. Who among the following was the founder of the Muslim League?
Ans. Nawab Salimullah

25. Which one among the following is not a source of tax revenue for the Central Government in India?
Ans. Motor Vehicle tax

26. A _____ is the main cause of Chikungunia Disease.
Ans. virus

27. Which one of the following vitamins helps in clotting of blood?
Ans. Vitamin-K

28. The ‘Thomas Cup’ is associated with:
Ans. Badminton

29. What is the purpose of adding baking soda to dough?
Ans. To generate carbon dioxide

30. The Dandi March of Gandhi-is an example of
Ans. Civil Disobedience Movement

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That is all on Day 1 of 30 Important Questions asked in Railway RRB Group D Exams. We hope you liked the questions given above and found them as a useful addition to your  Exam preparation knowledge for Railway RRB NTPC Exam, RRB Group D Exams, RRB ALP Exams and SSC CGL Exam. Day 22 would be updated in next day and all the best.