General Awareness Questions for Railways Exam – Day 31


Important General Awareness Questions for RRB NTPC & RRC Group D Exam – Day 31

Are you looking for General Awareness for RRB NTPC exam, or for RRB RRB Group D Rcam & upcoming SSC exams? If yes, you are in the right place. Mockbank has started a new series of important General Awareness Question which will be helpful for SSC CHSL, CGL, Stenographer, RRC Group D,& Railway NTPC Exams 2020-21.

In this SSC & Railways General Awareness Question Series, we will provide you with Daily General Awareness Question PDF. You can download the PDF of the current affair for Railway exams 2020 in English from the link given below.

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  1. Which is the highest point in Maharashtra ?

Ans. Kalsubai

2. Safety fuse wire used in domestic electrical appliances is made of metal of low : 

Ans. Melting Point

3. The Peshwa accepted a subsidiary alliance with the British by which treaty ?

Ans. Treaty of Bassein

4. Which is the largest ocean?

Ans. Pacific Ocean

5. Which statements describe arrangement and motion of molecules of gases ?

Ans. Molecules move randomly within a random arrangement

6. Baghdad is situated on the bank of river

Ans. Tigris

7. Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology is situated in:

Ans. Pune

8. Recently, which Indian player has created history by becoming the first player in the world to win titles in the long and short format of both Billiards and Snookers ?

Ans. Pankaj Adwani

9. The residence of Mahatma Gandhi at Sabarmati Ashram is well-known as:

Ans. Hriday Kunj

10. Prime Meridian passes through :

Ans. Greenwich

11. The book ‘Envisioning as Empowered Nation’ is written by :

Ans. Dr.A.P.JAbdul Kalam

12. Who wrote, “India Votes: Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha Elections?”

Ans. M.S.Rana

13. The International Youth Day is observed on :

Ans. August 12

14. Which state has the largest representation in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha?

Ans. Uttar Pradesh

15. Who was ruling over Pakistan at the time when Bangladesh became independent ?

Ans. Yahya Khan 

16. As per 2011 population census, India’s population is:

Ans. 121 Crore

17. Sustainable agriculture means:

Ans. To utilise land so that its quality remains intact 

18. What is called ‘Real estate’ in the property market?

Ans. Land and residential area

19. The term ‘market’ in Economics means:

Ans. A central place of exchange 

20. A patient regularly visits a urologist. He or she may be suffering from a disease related to _____.

Ans. Kidney

21. Which sector of Indian Economy shared maximum percentage of GDP in the year 2017?

Ans. Services

22. ‘Dot matrix, Inkjet, Laser’ are the names related to different types of _____.

Ans. Printer

23. Who is empowered to issue currency notes in India on behalf of the Central Government?

Ans. Reserve Bank of India

24. Obra is known for:

Ans. A thermal power station

25. Which Mughal Emperor has vividly described Indian flora and fauna, seasons, fruits etc. in his diary ?

Ans. Babur

26. What inspired the painting of Ajanta?

Ans. Compassionate Buddha 

27. The largest tax collected at the Indian Government level is the ______________.

Ans. Income Tax

28. Which article of the Indian Constitution empowers parliament to make law for giving effect to international agreements?

Ans. Article 253

29.The Philosopher President of India was :

Ans. Dr. S. Radhakrishnan 

30. When the offices of both the President and Vice President of India are vacant, who will discharge their functions?

Ans. Chief Justice of India

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That is all on Day 1 of 30 Important Questions asked in Railway RRB Group D Exams. We hope you liked the questions given above and found them as a useful addition to your  Exam preparation knowledge for Railway RRB NTPC Exam, RRB Group D Exams, RRB ALP Exams, and SSC CGL Exam. Day 32 would be updated in next day and all the best.