Here are today’s 10 questions daily for IBPS Specialist officers exam. Have a look at the questions, Check their solutions at the bottom and comment your queries below

Today’s IBPS Specialist : Treasury Manager (Scale -II)

1.Depreciation is provided on

(1) Current assets
(2) Liquid assets
(3) Fictitious assets
(4) Fixed assets
2. __________ appraisal examines the impact of the project on the environment.

(1) Technical
(2) Investment
(3) Economic
(4) Financial
3. Which of the following is a subsidiary of RBI?
(2) National Housing Bank
(4) All of the above
4. Which of the following rates is decided by the market conditions and not by RBI ?
(1) Inflation rate
(2) Bank rate
(3) SLR
(4) CRR
5.Profit and loss account is also called
(1) position statement
(2) income statement
(3) expenditure statement
(4) all of these 
6. The new President of the World Bank has been recently appointed. Who is this person ?
(1) Robert Zoellick
(2) Ben Bemanke
(3) Jim Yong Kim
(4) Christian Lagarde
7. A withdrawal of cash from business by the proprietor of the firm should be credited to
(1) capital account
(2) cash account
(3) drawing account
(4) proprietor’s account
8. Debt equity ratio is a
(1) liquidity ratio
(2) profitability ratio
(3) solvency ratio

(4) all of these

9. Expenditure incurred on research is
(1) Capital
(2) Revenue expenditure
(3) Deferred-revenue expenditure
(4) Partly capital expenditure and partly revenue expenditure

10. If equity capital of a company is small as compared to the total capital then capital gearing is

(1) High

(2) Low

(3) No gearing

(4) All of these   

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