IBPS SO Marketing Officer SCALE I
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Today’s IBPS Specialist : Marketing Officer (Scale -I)

1.Focus of Marketing activity is always on __

(1) Consumer’s need

(2) Producer’s need
(3) Government need
(4) Taxable need
Answer: Consumer’s need
2. Which of the following is not a service offered by retailers?

(1)  Limited service   
(2)  Self service   
(3)  Quality service   
(4)  Full service  
(5)  Quantity service 
Answer:  Quality Service
3.Marketing research explores the possibility of selling a ___ product into a market.

(1)  New   
(2)  Old   
(3)  Traditional   
(4)  Searched   
(5)  FMCG   
Answer: FMCG
4. Acts related to Trade mark came into existence in
(1) 1958
(2) 1959
(3) 1962
(4) 1970
(5) 1990
Answer:  1958
5.Taxes levied by a nation on goods bought outside its borders and brought in are called

(1) import duties
(2) export duties
(3) export tariffs
(4) import tariffs
Answer: Import Tarrifs
6.Indirect marketing is the same as ______
(1) On site selling
(2) Using a smart-phone
(3) Viral-marketing
(4) Advertisements
(5) Online marketing
Answer: Online Marketing
7.”Deciding what is to be done in future” is called –

(1) Planning
(2) Plan
(3) Plane
(4) Plain
(5) Please

Answer: Planning

8 All the merchant middlemen who purchase and sell in large quantities are called –

(1) Wholesaler
(2) Retailers
(3) Businessman
(4) Merchant
(5) Middlemen
 Answer: Wholesaler
Implementation of Marketing program is more important than –

(1)  Preparation of marketing programme  
(2)  Removal of marketing programme   
(3)  Subdivision of marketing programme   
(4)  Addition of marketing      
Answer: Preparation of marketing programme
10.Low response rate is a problem associated with which contact method?
(1) Personal interview
(2) Telephone
(3) Online surveys  
(4)  Mail   
(5)  All of these
Answer: Online Surveys have the lowest response rates.
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