ibps specialist marketing officer
ibps specialist marketing officer

IBPS Specialist Marketing Officer- Last Minute Preparation Tips

Dear MockBankers

With only a few days left before IBPS Specialist Marketing Officer Exam, the stress smong the aspirants is likely to increase. Whenever aspirants have any important exam, they start underestimating themselves. They think their preparation is not upto the mark . iF same is the case with you, tension not, we are here to increase your confidence level in 2 minutes.

Before reading it, you need to make peace with yourself. Accept and acknowledge your stress. Don’t run away from it. It will help you to realize that every candidate who has prepared well for this exam and is a potential competitor is feeling the same, if not greater level of stress. It is a totally natural to feel nervous before important exams, and so is the case of IBPS Specialist Marketing Officer.

Are you feeling better, now that you have accepted the fact? Well it has just started. Read the following tips to alleviate  your fears and boost your confidence 10 folds.

IBPS Specialist Marketing Officer- Preparation Tips

IBPS Specialist Marketing Officer Tip*1: Focus more on Marketing questions:

  • Marketing will be the key Area.
  • Try to solve as many questions as you can.
  • Try to cover all the marketing topics at least once.

IBPS Specialist Marketing Officer Tip*2: Make a Daily Schedule

  • Not only you should have a revision schedule,but also a daily schedule.
  • Make a daily task plan and execute it.
  • Sleep on time and wake up on time.
  • If you are a night owl and love to study at night, no issue it’s your choice. Do not change it now.
  • Do some brisk exercises (even walking will do) for 10-20 minutes daily and that will help you control your stress level.

IBPS Specialist Marketing Officer Tip*3:Revision Time Table

  • Stop Studying anything new now.
  • You have already studied much to clear the exam.
  • Now only revise what you have studied.
  • For this purpose , prepare a daily revision time tableand stick to it. Revise all formulas and shortcut tricks.
  • Make byte sized deliverable goals and set targets that can be achieved in a span of 45 minutes-1 hour.
  • Divide the time proportionately for all the subjects.

IBPS Specialist Marketing Officer Tip*4: Start Rehearsing

  • Well, who told you that rehearsals are done only for Shows.
  • You should rehearse too for the examination.
  • Take  normal breakfast.
  • Make sure to note down everything that makes you feel lethargic and avoid them on the actual day.

IBPS Specialist Marketing Officer Tip*5: Don’t get distracted

  • Now that you have a daily revision plan, you need to follow it.
  • Remove distractions that harm your punctuality.
  • Ditch your smartphone.
  • No binge watching of T. V. Series.
  • Your endless chats with those online friends have to wait for a few days.
  • Do not sit near a window, it causes loss of concentration.
  • This is the preparation week and your entire  focus should be only on preparation. So, set up a routine and remove all distractions from your study space and you will see your productivity rise by huge margins.

IBPS Specialist Marketing Officer Tip*6: Take Breaks regularly

  • Breaks are very important to maintain your activeness.
  • When you study continuously for long periods, your productivity goes down.
  • It means, if you take a break after every 50 minutes-1 hour of study, your mind will be more active and relaxed.
  • Fit your breaks in between your studies and not vice versa.
  • Make sure that break’s duration is only 10 minutes and not more.

IBPS Specialist Marketing Officer Tip*7: Be Confident

  • Self Confidence is the key to crack this examination.
  • As per a research, confident people have more chance of clearing any examination.
  • So my friend, focus on yourself and charge your batteries.
  • This will create a great positive change in yourself and will surely help you achieve success.

I want to enroll for IBPS Specialist Marketing Officer Crash course and boost my preparation. 

Friends, we hope these tips will help you calm your mind, increase your confidence level and help you in the final phase of preparation for IBPS Specialist Marketing Officer- examination. All the best! Prepare well, Perform best!


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