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IBPS Specialist Law Officer- Last Minute Preparation Tips

Dear MockBankers

With only a few days left before IBPS Specialist Law Officer Exam, the tension levels are at the peak. The most common phenomenon among students is that as the exam approaches near, they start doubting their meticulous preparation and nervousness takes the driver’s seat. If you are also going through this situation, worry not, we will get you brimming with confidence in 3 minutes.

Before reading the last minute tips, you need to make peace with one thing i.e. you need to acknowledge your stress instead of running away from it. This is because unless you accept something, you cannot cure it. Once you have accepted the above fact, you will come to realize that every candidate who has prepared well and is a potential competitor is feeling the same or even greater level of stress. It is a quite natural to feel nervous before crucial exams, more so in case of IBPS Specialist Law Officer.

Are you feeling good, now that you have accepted the above fact? Well it has just started. Read the following tips for alleviating your fears and boost your confidence 10 folds.

IBPS SO Law Tip#1: Prepare a Revision Time Table

  • DO NOT ( yes in caps)  study anything new now.
  • You have already studied enough to clear the exam.
  • Now just revise what you have already studied.
  • For this purpose , make a daily revision plan and stick to it. Revise all the formulas and shortcut tricks.
  • Make byte sized deliverable goals, meaning set targets that can be achieved in a span of 45 minutes-1 hour.
  • Divide the time equally for all the subjects.
  • Focus on Phase I now. Do not get bogged down with the to do list for Phase II.

Click here for syllabus and pattern for IBPS SO Law Officer

IBPS SO Law Tip#2: Remove distractions 

  • Now that you have a daily revision plan, you need to ensure you follow it.
  • Remove all the distractions which might harm your punctuality.
  • Ditch that smartphone of yours.
  • Absolutely no binge watching of T. V. Series.
  • Your endless chats with your online friends can wait for a week, but your exam won’t.
  • Do not sit in front of a window, it causes loss of concentration.
  • This is the preparation week and all your focus should be only on preparation. So, set up a routine of removing all distractions from your study space and voila you will see your productivity rise by huge margins.

IBPS SO Law Tip#3: Plan your Day

  • Not only you need to have a revision schedule, you also need a daily schedule.
  • Make a daily plan and make sure to execute it.
  • Sleep early wake up early and use the entire duration of the day.
  • It has been proven scientifically that sunlight stimulates our senses to release hormones which make us more active and receptive to learning.
  • If you are a night owl however, stop wasting the time of the day thinking you will anyway study in the night. But remember not to change it now.
  • If possible do some brisk exercises/meditation (even walking will do) for 15-20 minutes daily. It will help you control your stress level.

IBPS SO Law Tip#4: Rehearse

  • You might be wondering you are not gonna dance or perform a show, then why reherease?
  • Well, who told you that rehearsals are done only for Music or Dance Shows.
  • You can and should rehearse too for the examination.
  • For this, wake up daily at that time which you will need to get up on exam day.
  • Take your normal breakfast.
  • This will make you less drowsy and more active on the D day.
  • Practice mock tests during the time your actual attempt will be conducted.
  • Make sure to note down anything that makes you feel drowsy and avoid them on the actual day.

IBPS SO Law Tip#5: Take Breaks

  • Breaks are drastically important to maintain your activeness.
  • When you study continuously for long periods, you become lethargic. This in turn affects your productivity.
  • Breaks help your mind to be more receptive and makes information retention efficient.
  • Simply put, if you take a break after every 45 minutes-1 hour of study, your mind will be relaxed and your batteries recharged.
  • Fit your breaks between your studies and not vice versa.
  • Taking a break doesn’t means that you go out and make merry with your friends eating gol gappas and masala dosas. It means get up from your seat, have some water, stretch a bit and get back to study!
  • Ensure that break’s duration isn’t more than 10 minutes. Put a countdown alarm of 10 and be back once it rings.

IBPS SO Tip#6: Sleep Well

  • Exams are somethings, during which the most neglected part is your sleep.
  • You are engrossed in revising.
  • You study late nights and you wake up early in the morning.
  • You let your health slip, but does it actually benefits you? Answer: NO!
  • In fact, its proven empirically that sleep deprivation and fatigue have a negative impact upon the brain’s ability to retain information.
  • Sleep atleast 6-8 hours daily.
  • Read a non course related book in dim lights along with some light music before sleeping. This will help you calm your mind down and get a peaceful sleep.

IBPS SO Law Tip#7: Confidence

  • Self Confidence is and no doubt will always be the key to crack this examination.
  • As per a research, in any exam, people who are confident have more chance of clearing that examination.
  • So my friend, charge your batteries and have some faith in yourself.
  • This is one thing that will create an immense positive change in yourself and will definitely help you achieve success in exam.

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Friends, we hope the above tips help you calm your mind down, charge your batteries and embark on the final phase of preparation for IBPS Specialist Law Officer- examination. All the best! Prepare well, Perform best!