Here are today’s 10 questions daily for IBPS Specialist IT Officer Quiz. Have a look at the IBPS Specialist IT Officer Quiz, Check their solutions at the end and put your queries in comment section below :

Today’s IBPS Specialist IT Officer Quiz : IT Officer (Scale -I)

1. Users can configure ……. to the port level and use the remainder of the IP address for other translations.

(1) Dynamic address translations
(2) Static address translations
(3) NAT
(4) Dynamic NAT
Answer: Static address translations
2. Which is the correct statement regarding debit/smart card?

(1) Banks are generally extending this facility to saving account with liquidity features
(2) These cards facility are not extended to cash and loan account
(3) Both 1 and 2
(4) Debit card can be issued to PMRY beneficiaries
Answer:  Both 1 and 2
3. The basic logic operation is-

(1) AND
(2) NOR
(3) NAND
(4) XOR

Answer: AND

4. Which can not assure data accuracy in an application?

(1) Control total
(2) Limit and reasonableness test
(3) Echo checking
(4) All of these

Answer:  Echo checking

5. Once object oriented programming has been accomplished, unit testing is applied for each class. class tests include-

(1) Fault-based testing
(2) Random testing
(3) Partition testing
(4) All of the above

Answer: All of the above

6. In Garner V. Murray the deficiency of the insolvent partners in borne by other partner in the ______
(1) Profit sharing ratio
(2) Ratio of their capitals
(3) Equal share by each
(4) All of these
7.Which of these is a must for understanding the organisation’s business risks associated with using router –

(1) Network Architecture
(2) Network traffic management
(3) Network security
(4) All of the above

Answer: Network Security

8. The XYZ bank has all cisco routers connected in the network. A host connects to a router through tel-net connection. Which command will the administrator Robert uses to print the messages or the console part:

(1) Terminal monitor
(2) Terminal print
(3) Console print
(4) Console monitor
Answer: Terminal Monitor

9. Which virus creates bad sectors on hard disk?

(1) Trojan’s
(2) System infectors
(3) Boot infectors
(4) Stealth viruses

Answer: Boot Infectors.

10. The area ID is a …… bit digit number that uses dotted decimal notation of the IP address
1)  8   
(2)  16   
(3)  32   
(4)  64 
Answer: 32
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  1. Here are today’s 10 questions daily for IBPS Specialist officers exam. Have a look at the questions, Check their solutions at the bottom and comment your queries below

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