ibps specialist HR officer
ibps specialist HR officer

IBPS Specialist IT Officer- Last Minute Preparation Tips

Dear MockBankers

We have received a lot of queries from IBPS SO Aspirants regarding Last Minute Preparation Tips. We have written a series of articles covering different Specialist Officer exams. Today we will be discussing about the most sought after exam of the Specialist Officer league. Ya you guessed it right, IBPS Specialist IT Officer.

IBPS Specialist IT Officer- Preparation Tips

IBPS SO Tip#1: Focus on Professional Knowledge Section

  • This is the section you need to focus the most.
  • Read all the basic concepts.
  • Learn all the one liner definitions.

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Books to be preferred

  • Data Structures using C and C++, Tannenbau
  • B. A. Forouzan: Data Communications and Networking
  • A.S. Tanenbaum, Modern Operating Systems

Click here for syllabus and pattern for IBPS Specialist IT Officer

IBPS SO Tip#2: Also Do not neglect other sections 

  • Your major focus should be on professional knowledge section, but that does not mean you neglect Other sections.
  • We have made tips and strategies on each section.
  • Just go through them.
  • For English, Click here to read tips on English 
  • For reasoning, Click here to read tips on  Reasoning 
  • For Quantitative Aptitude,  Click here to read tips on Quantitative Aptitude 

IBPS SO Tip#3: Plan your Day

  • Make a daily revision schedule.
  • Distribute the syllabus as per the number of days available.
  • Revise every topic at least once,
  • Make the use of your entire day.
  • It has been proven by scientific techniques that sunlight stimulates our senses , which release hormones making us more active and receptive to learning.
  • If possible do some exercises/meditation (even walking will do) for 10-15 minutes daily. It will control your stress level.

IBPS SO Tip#4: Practice and Rehearse

  • Well Practice makes a man (Ya Woman too) perfect.
  • But hang a minute , the practice should be as per the need of the hour.
  • And the need of the hour says, that you should rehearse the exam too.
  • Well, who told you that rehearsals are done only for Music or Dance Shows.
  • You should rehearse too for the examination.
  • For this, Practice mock tests at exactly the time your actual attempt will be conducted.
  • Make sure not to do any rigorous physical task.

IBPS SO Tip#5: Stay Calm and Take Breaks 

  • Always stay calm and confident.
  • Take breaks in between your studies.
  • It will improve your efficiency.
  • Whenever you feel strained, Take a break of 10-15 minutes.Simply put, if you take a break after every 45 minutes-1 hour of study, your mind will be relaxed and your batteries recharged.
  • Fit your breaks between your studies and not vice versa.
  • As per a research, in any exam, people who are confident have more chance of clearing that examination.
  • So my friend, charge your batteries and have some faith in yourself.
  • This is one thing that will create an immense positive change in yourself and will definitely help you achieve success in exam.

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Friends, we hope the above tips help you calm your mind down, charge your batteries and embark on the final phase of preparation for IBPS Specialist IT Officer- examination. All the best! Prepare well, Perform best!