Today’s 10 questions for IBPS Specialist officers exam. Have a look at the questions, Check their answers at the bottom and comment your queries below

Today’s IBPS Specialist HR/Personnel Officer (Scale -I)

1.Human resources management function does not involve:
1 Recruitment
2 Selection
3 Marketing
4 Training
2.Which of these, according to MBTI, tend to be idealistic, loyal to their values and to people who are important to them?
3.In lay off employer has to give ……… to the employees even though employees have not rendered my work.
1 Compensation
2 Training
3 Counselling
4 Induction
4.Human Resource Management aims to maximise employees, as well as organizational:
1 Effectiveness
2 Economy
3 Efficiency
4 Performance
5.The divisional structure may contain which type of division(s)?
1 Product divisions only
2 Geographic divisions only
3 Geo-product divisions only
4 Both product and geographic divisions
6.In the system model of change an organisation is described in terms of five interacting variables, which are:
1 strategy, structure, systems, policies and procedures
2 people, technology task, responsibilities and authority
3 structure, technology, policies responsibilities and authority
4 strategy, structure, task, technology and people
7.The effective management of a culturally diverse work environment yields competitive advantage to a company because:
1 Of cost differences in doing a good versus poor job of integrating unique people into the organizational family
2 Those companies having the best reputations for managing diversity will also attract the premium female and minority talent
3 Heterogeneous problem-solving groups generate better decisions and superior analyses of critical business issues
4 All of the above
8.All of these variables should be considered in strategy implementation except:
1 task design
2 selection training and development of people
3 system control
4 regard systems
9.Which of the following is described in your text as a contextual factor that can impact on the effectiveness of communication in an organisation?
1 Organisational structure
2 Organisational culture
3 Technology
4 All of these
10.When evaluating the effectiveness of recruitment sources what should be measured?
1 The cost of using each source
2 The number of applicants produced
3 The quality of applicants produced
4 The time involved in using each source
1: 3
2: 4
3: 1
4: 1
5: 4
6: 4
7: 4
8: 3
9: 4
10: 2
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