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Today’s IBPS Specialist Agricultural Field Officer (Scale -I) Questions

1.A soil with 20 me/100g. CEC and 5 me/100 g exchangeable H will have a base saturation of

(1) 20.0%
(2) 75.0%
(3) 80.0%
(4) 133.3%
2.What would be the concentration of nutrients in plants when they are suffering from hidden hunger?

(1) Above deficiency symptom zone
(2) Below profitable yield zone
(3) Below deficiency symptom zone

(4) Both ‘1’ and ‘2’

3.There is a net increase in the mineralisation of organic nitrogen in soil when

(1) C : N ratio is 20 to 30 : 1
(2) C : N ratio is below 20 :1
(3) C : N ratio is above 30 :1
(4) nitrogen is taken up by the crops
4. Hydraulic conductivity of soils varies directly with
(1) capillary porosity
(2) non-capillary porosity
(3) total porosity
(4) water holding capacity

5. Tolerance to soil salinity of the given set of crops is such that

(1) barely > wheat > upload paddy > beans

(2) barely > wheat > beans > upland paddy

(3) wheat > barely > beans > upland paddy

(4) wheat > barely > upland paddy > beans

6.Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?


(1) Expanding Higher water type of clay holding minerals capacity
(2) High Iron calcium chlorosis in soil
(3) Water in High nitrogen undated mineral soils isation
(4) Sandy soils Split application of fertilizers
7.Phosphorus fixation refers to the phenomenon of

(1) absorption of phosphorus by the plant and synthesis of biological compounds
(2) leaching of phosphorus from soil by percolating waters
(3) conversion of soluble phosphorus into plant unavailable forms
(4) anion exchange with colloidal constituents of soil

8.Cytoplasmic sterility is governed by

(1) cytoplasm and genetic genes

(2) plasma genes

(3) nuclear genes

(4) Both ‘1’ and ‘2’

9.Consider the following phenomena/events:
(1) Weathering
(2) Bio growth
(3) Soil development
(4) Profile differentiation
The correct chronological sequence of these phenomena/events is

(1) 2, 1, 3, 4
(2) 1, 2, 4, 3
(3) 1, 2, 3, 4
(4) 2, 1, 4, 3

10.Which one of the following sets of soil conditions is more suitable for plant growth?


(1) Sandy soils with high aeration and low water holding capacity
(2) Clay soils with high water holding capacity and low aeration
(3) Organic soils with high water holding capacity and low aeration
(4) Loamy soils with medium aeration and medium water holding capacity
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