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Today’s RRB Specialist : Marketing Officer (Scale II)

1.The key challenge to market driven strategy is _______
A Selling maximum products
B Employing maximum DSAs
C Delivering superior value to customers
D Being rigid to changes
E Adopting shot term vision
2.Effective selling skills depends on ______.
A Size of the sales teams
B Age of the sales teams
C Peer strength
D Knowledge level of the sales team
E Educational level of the sales team
3.Generation of the sales leads can be improved by ____
A Being very talkative
B Increasing personal and professional contracts
C Being passive
D Engaging Recovery agents
E Product designs
4.A Market plan is ____
A Performance appraisal of marketing staff
B Company Prospectus
C Documented marketing strategies
D Business targets
E Call centre
5.Marketing channels mean _____
A Delivery objects
B Sales targets
C Delivery outlets
D Delivery boys
E Sales teams
6.Social Marketing means _____
A Share Market Prices
B Marketing by the entire society
C Internet marketing
D Marketing for a social cause
E Society bye – laws
7.Service Marketing is the same as
A Internet marketing
B Telemarketing
C Internal marketing
D Relationship marketing
E Transaction marketing
8.Market driven strategies include
A Identifying problems
B Planning marketing tactics of peers
C Positioning the organization and its brands in the market place
D Internal marketing
E Selling old products
9.Innovation in marketing is same as ____
A Motivation
B Perspiration
C Aspiration
D Creativity
E Team work
10.Personal Loans can be canvassed among____
A Salaried persons
B Pensions
C Foreign National
D NRI customers
1: C
2: D
3: B
4: C
5: C
6: D
7: D
8: C
9: D
10: A
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