Dear MockBankers,

The D-day for which you all have been working hard was today.  We hope all of you have performed your best in the exam today. In this post we bring to you the analysis for IBPS PO Mains exam.

IBPS PO Mains exam started today. As we all know this year IBPS changed the recruitment process by including Prelims and Mains Exam which means this is the first time aspirants were competing for various bank jobs in this exam through two papers. In essence IBPS PO exam was conducted in similar fashion as the  SBI PO exam.IBPS-Logo

The Pattern followed in the first ever IBPS PO Mains Exam is as follows:

200 Questions, 200 Marks, 2 Hours

  • English Language (40 questions, 40 marks)
  • Quantitative Aptitude (50 questions, 50 marks)
  • Reasoning (50 questions, 50 marks)
  • General Awareness (40 questions, 40 marks)
  • Computer Knowledge (20 questions, 20 marks)

We present here the detailed section wise exam Analysis of IBPS PO Prelims Exam.


Overall, the exam was moderate to difficult. It was difficult due to some sections of the exam. A good attempts in this exam is expected to be  80 – 102 questions with expected cut off to be 70 to 85. 


English section was easy to moderate in the exam. A breakdown of the questions within reasoning section is as follows.

  • Reading Comprehension : 20
  • Cloze Test: 5
  • Parajumbles: 5
  • Sentence Correction:5
  • Miscellaneous  :5

Quantitative Aptitude:
As expected this section was difficult. It was also time consuming in nature. A breakdown of the different topics from which the questions were asked in this section are:

  • Profit Loss, Time, Speed & Distance, Mixture, Age : 10
  • Series : 10
  • Data Sufficiency: 4
  • Data Interpretation: 21
  • Miscellaneous: 10


Reasoning section was difficult and aspirants who had practiced them a lot are likely to have done better at this section. A breakdown of the questions within reasoning section is as follows.

  • Coding Decoding : 5
  • Puzzle: 20
  • Logical Reasoning: 5
  • Syllogism :5
  • Seating Arrangement :5
  • Miscellaneous  :10

General Awareness:
Overall, the GA section was easy with majority of the questions from Current affairs and Banking. A good performance here would have required a thorough study of newspaper and bank news over the last 6 months to 1 year.

Computer Knowledge:

Computer Knowledge section was easy to moderate and was a good scoring section of the exam. A good performance here will add to overall marks in the exam.

How was your exam? How many questions did you attempt? Please let us know in comments section.


  1. Sir ,my attepts was 120

    computer 37
    resoning 30
    GA 18
    math 17
    english 18

    accuracy 90% in all

    is it chance for interview ?

  2. I hv attmpted 98
    Reasng 23/ 96% accuracy
    Eng 25/ 98 % accuracy
    Comupter 11/ 99% accuracy
    G.A. 24 / 100% accuracy
    Q.A. 15/ 100% accuracy
    Is there any chance for me?? What will be the sectional cut off for computer??

  3. Good morning Sir…wish u a very happy diwali….
    My attempt in ibps Po mains:

    Quant : 14 (100 % accuracy)
    Reasoning: 15 (90% accuracy)
    Eng: 17 (75% accuracy)
    Computer: 13 ( 3 wrong)
    GA: 36 (7 wrong)

    Sir plz tell me is there any hope to clear mains.

  4. Hi..I attempted 119
    Reasoning22, quant23, eng24, ga32, comp18
    Plz tell me is there any chance of clearing…plzz someone tell me..m very tensed

    • Deepak What was your accuracy in the questions. If it is greater than 80% you can be sure of clearing the cutoff for IBPS PO MAINS 2015

  5. I attempted in computer about 14 and in which 4 is expected to wrong…. can I clear this portion and what will be cut off for computer portion… obc category

  6. Hello friends, I had attempted 135
    Quant 28
    Reasoning 28
    English 36
    Computer 20
    Gk 23
    All sections were good except gk as my gk accuracy rate is 50%..
    So Wat r my chances???

  7. paper was really tough no doubt abt it . but we can’t expect that cutoff goes less than 80-85 and in each section not less than 8-9. no doubt in this exam accuracy matters a lot…..any how… wait for next 15 days….

    • Its like somebody who attempts 120 questions with an accuracy of 50% will score 60, while suppose you attempt 90 questions with an accuracy of 90% will score you will always have an upper hand though you attempted less than the former one.

  8. QA- 23 (80% accuracy).
    Reasoning- 27 (90% accuracy).
    English- 35 (95% accuracy).
    GA- 28 (95% accuracy).
    Computer- 20 (90 % accuracy).
    Paper was too tough..wasted time on a puzzle but thank god! somehow managed to get it right..even the questions from assertion and reasoning were so subjective and lengthy..quite worried about the cut offs and my possibility of clearing it…:( 🙁

  9. attempt 95/200
    qa14(100% accuracy)
    comp 17(95%)
    eng 22(95% accuracy)
    reas 19(90% accuracy)
    kitna chance h hone ka

  10. my attempts was 104,with 80% accuracy.english(22),maths(12),reasoning(19),gk(32),computer(19).gk me mera 6 galat hai bhai abhi tak…english was good,but not sure kitna sahi hoga…….expected cut off mujhe lag raha hai….60 to 70 ke between rahega…….

  11. Paper was tough, specially REASONING
    section killed my time. I did ?
    QA – 12 (100% accuracy )
    REASONING -14 (95% accuracy)
    English – 14 ( 94% accuracy )
    Computer – 17 (98% accuracy)
    GA – 27 (98% accuracy)

    • yes ,u are right…..question tough tha yaar….me ek puzzle 20 min laga tha..but ho gaya.. woh ek frozen titanic wohi wala , but ho gaya 5th attempts me..

  12. is there ny1 who score 61 in ibps pre nd who’s there r full chances of doin great in mains as well but due to these fuking ibps people he don’t reach to the centre as there r 2 university wid d same name. M the 1…feeling distressed…;)

  13. i attempted 20 in reasoning with 60 percent accuracy 24 in maths with 95 percent accuracy, gk 36 with 80 percent accuracy 20 computer with 90 percent accuracy and english 24 with 60-70 percent total 124 what will be mine chance for next step

  14. attempted 111
    accuracy is good..

    expected wrong no of ques (ans)

    ga…4 out of 35
    com…3 out of 19
    res…..4 out of 19
    quant….nil out of 19
    eng….5 out of 19

    total ..16…wrong…out of 111….
    any chance??

  15. i have attempt 79 rsng 14 gk 22 eng 19 comp 13 qa 11 ….shall i clear?prelims was too easy and the cut off also less…but mains is too tough so there will be any chance for cutt of below 60?

  16. i have attempted 125
    maths 20
    reasoning 14
    english 39
    c.k 19
    g.a 33
    with an accuracy of 90% & above except resoning section, where no. of attempts is less and may be accuracy too
    i am afraid of sectional cutoff of reasoning section , the section was full of shit, i hope sectional cutoff doesnt get exceed 8.

  17. Hi… The paper was so confusing what we have in mind or think about possibilities of questionstype but they were not there. And so I think everybody will be confuse. Have patience n be positive . I attempt 138 reson. 21 quAp. 27 com. 20 ga. 38 eng. 32 and accuracy may be 80-95 % . This exam I think depends only on accuracy. Plz reply soon

  18. The thins metion in each section is lot more diffetent what i have faced in first shift

    DI 21
    PUZZLE 5
    INEQ 5

    Com err 5
    Sentence imp 5
    Sentece re arr 5
    Cloze test 5
    Reading comp 20


    Sitting arr cum puzzle 28
    DS 5
    Machine inp 5
    Slogim 6
    Logical 6

    No inequality in any part

    Please correct the todayz exam paper questions

  19. Hi, I attempted 94/200…..It was really difficult. I also have query. At the end of the exam, they showed us the no. of questions we have attempted. So there were three columns. First one was No. of questions answered/attempted(I dont remember exactly), second one was No. of questions unanswered and the third one was No. of questions marked for review. So these are the ones we marked as well as answered or those that we just marked but failed to answer…..I am really confused, someone plz clarify….. :/

  20. Maths 22 reasoning 19 English 31 computer 19 GS 34 total 125 attempts
    very disappointed, paper was too tough,, or can say a different pattern, is there any chance to get qualified for interview?

  21. There were some changes in this exam….Quadratic equation and Inequalities question was not there.. Deeply harassed.
    Attended 114 que.
    Reasoning – 21
    English – 28
    Computer – 20
    GA – 32
    but in Q.A – only 13 …. is there any chance to be get qualified in Q.A section.

  22. Hi…attempt 120
    Reasoning 19 (95%)
    Quant 26 (95%)
    Eng 23 (80%)
    Com 20 (90)
    Gk 32 (95-100)

    Chance for interview round or not

  23. i attended 102
    ga 28
    computer 16
    reasoning 16
    qa 18
    eng 26
    whats my chance? i have 50% accuracy in reasoning and 90% acuracy in others

  24. I attempted total 98/200 ques.
    Reasoning 22
    English 24
    Computer. 19
    General awareness 22
    Quantitative 11

    What are my chances sir to clear Exam??


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