IBPS PO Mains Computer Knowledge Quiz

Daily Computer Knowledge Quiz

In IBPS PO Mains Exam CK Section is always easy to moderate. If you have working knowledge of computer system you will find this section extremely easy.
The main focus areas for this section are : Windows, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel), Networking, Basic Hardware and Software, DBMS etc.

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Comment your score in the comments section below and compare your position among serious aspirants for IBPS PO Mains 2015.



  • Neha


  • rakesh

    8 above average

  • Anuj Kumar

    Show questions

    • Vaibhav

      You can see the question after completing the exam

  • ambika

    I am little bit confused that whether Windows + d,Windows + m is used to minimize the all windows
    Both the option are doing the same operations

    Then which one is correct answer.

    • Vaibhav

      “Minimize All” sends a minimize command to all windows. However, some windows don’t support the minimize command, and will thus still be visible. In those cases, “Show Desktop” will get you to the desktop. Note that the windows that don’t support minimizing are still there, unminimized, they just become invisible

  • sandeep

    rank- above average

  • Shobha giri

    5/10 average.

    • Vaibhav

      Shobha You need to improve

  • Shubham Sharma

    My Score 9/10

    • Vaibhav

      Great score Shubham

  • Shubham Sharma


  • Roshan Thouna

    My Score: 9/10
    My Ranking : Brilliant

    • Vaibhav

      Well the ranking says it all. You’re brilliant. Keep it up Roshan

  • Ansh


    • Vaibhav

      Great attempt Ansh

  • komal


  • valli


  • akanksha

    5\10 average

  • Pavitar singh


  • vasu

    my score 4/10,ranking-poor

    • Vaibhav

      Hi Vasu

      Don’t worry.Keep attempting our quizzes and improve your ranking.

  • Kabita

    my ßcore is7/10.

  • Ashwani sharma

    3 out of 10 its wrost

    • Vaibhav

      Hi Ashwani

      Its not too late. Start working more on your computer knowledge. Use the quiz as a reference point.

  • Trisha

    My Score: 5 / 10
    My Ranking: Average

    • Ashwani sharma

      Good one



      • Vaibhav

        Hi varun

        Nice score. You can probably work a little more on this section of IBPS PO Mains

    • Vaibhav

      HI Trisha

      Good score. Need to work a little more on computer section. These questions don’t waste much time and generally have high accuracy.