IBPS PO Last Minute Preparation Tips

IBPS PO last minute preparation tips for the benefit of students.

IBPS PO Last Minute Preparation Tips

IBPS PO Exam is one of the most competitive exams of the country. With lakhs of aspirants giving the exam this year, strive to beat the crowd.

No matter how much hard work you’ve put in throughout the year, if you lose your peace of mind at the end, it will all amount to nothing. Hence, we suggest you some last minute preparation tips that will help you score well in the exam.

IBPS PO Last Minute Preparation Tips Before the Exam


Revision is the most essential part of one’s exam preparation. Revise all the concepts, especially the formulas for Quantitative aptitude, facts for banking awareness and certain rules for reasoning ability. Make sure you remember things that you’ve prepared. This will help you boost your confidence.


As the saying goes, “practice makes a man perfect.” Keep practicing questions till the last day. This will not only help you access your performance but will also help you tremendously with time management. You will be able to attempt questions without running out of time.

Avoid New Topics

What you’ve read and revised up-till this point in your preparation, go with it. Do not start reading and preparing new topics just for the heck of it. Preparing new topics at the last hour can mar your entire preparation strategy. Instead of going after new topics, revise the ones you have already prepared.

Read Online

Set aside some time every day to read. Read at least for an hour every day and read it online. Reading online will help your eyes get accustomed to the screen and familiarize you with the exam environment. Increase your reading speed by reading blocks of two-three words at a time, so that you save time during the exam.

Proper Rest

Make sure you take proper rest before the exam. Panic will do you no good. If you begin to panic, listen to some light music or perhaps take a swift walk by yourself and contemplate. Also, eat proper healthy food and remain confident about your preparation. Let fear and panic not strike you down.

IBPS PO Preparation Tips During the Exam

  • If you find a particular question difficult don’t waste your time trying to solve it. Instead move to the next question and come back to this later on.
  • Remember the sectional cut-off of each section and the overall cut-off. If you find a particular section challenging, attempt it in the end and answer the minimum number of questions required to clear its sectional cut-off with good accuracy.
  • Questions can be very tricky. So read them very carefully before answering.
  • Avoid using the shortcuts that you learn just before the exam and avoid guess work.

All the very best for your exam.

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