IBPS Interview 10 Preparation Tips for IBPS Interview

Summary: You will get information about IBPS Interview Panel, Questions asked in IBPS Interview and their answers, Documents you should carry to IBPS interview, Knowing Yourself, Understanding the mind frame of the interviewer, Taking control of your emotions, The power of body language, do’s and don’ts for body language, knowing your employer and mock ibps interviews

Amit Chaudhary Success Story

Hello MockBankers

I am Amit Chaudhary. I had successfully cleared both SBI and IBPS PO interviews in 2014. Today I will assist you guys to understand the nitty gritties of banking Interviews, how to face and ultimately clear them.

Institute of banking personnel selection (IBPS) conducts Interviews for selection of PO candidates, after they have cleared the written examinations.

Let us start with some basic information about interviews and then move on to specifics of IBPS interviews.

Interviews always evoke an image of poker-faced interviewers, pin-drop silence of closed rooms, well dressed  candidates biting nails and fidgeting legs in the waiting room.

Tips Tricks for IBPS Interview

Using my personal experience, I have come up with the following points that will help you clear the interview round with ease. Let us start with some information about the interview panel.

1. IBPS Interview Panel:

  • There will be about 12-16 panels simultaneously conducting interviews for posts of IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk.
  • Each panel consists of 3-4 members (mostly senior bank employees of various public sector banks).
  • There is no specific time limit for an interview, but on an average, the interview lasts for 20 minutes. In some special cases it might be more/less than that. 
  • After entering the room, greet the members of interview panel nicely.
  • Look in the eyes of the person while doing a handshake. Make sure the grip is firm but not tight.
  • Give your best smile after entering the room. However, do not smile while the interview is going on.

2. Questions asked in IBPS Interview and their answers:

As such there is no fixed curriculum for the interview. As stated earlier, it depends upon your initial greeting, your resume, your body language and the mindset of the interviewer. Following are some questions that can be asked in IBPS interview:

A) Based on your profile

  1. Tell us something about yourself: Give a brief overview of yourself. Keep it short and simple. Tell where you are from, where have you studied, 1-2 lines about your family members and your interests.
  2. What are your strengths and weakness: Do not ever say I’m a perfectionist that’s my weakness. The interviewer will never see you in good light again.
  3. Why are you unemployed from last 6-12 months: To concentrate solely on my bank exams as the competition is intense.
  4. Are you willing to relocate: Yes I am willing to do that. Do not say no even if you do not want to. This is banking job not lala ke dukan.
  5. Why did you leave your previous job (if any): Do not say i was frustrated or I was underpaid. Always say something which leaves a positive impression on the mind of the interviewer. Say I want to explore the banking sector, i like reading/talking about it, I want to learn something new, I seek stability, growth and 101 other things but never say a negative sentence about your previous employer.

B) Related to banking sector: Answer these questions in the comments section below

  1. Why you want to pursue a career in the Banking sector:  Banking Sector is growing steadily, there is stability and high chances of growth.
  2. What do you know about BASEL III norms?
  3. What is financial inclusion?
  4. Related to Jan Dhan Yojyana.
  5. Implications of Fed Tapering.
  6. What are open market operations.
  7. Services offered by commercial banks.
  8. Section 80(C) of Income Tax act.
  9. NPAs: Non performing assets and their implication on the banking system.
  10. SLR, CRR, Repo, Reverse Repo, Bank rate etc.
  11. Functions of RBI
  12. RBI Monetary policy.
  13. What are derivatives?
  14. What are mutual, hedge, pension funds?
  15.  What is GDP/PPP (Purchasing Power Parity).
  16. Fiscal Deficit, current account deficit.

C)Situation based questions

  1. Where do you want to see after 5/10 years: As a successful Branch Manager at your prestigious bank.
  2. What is more important for you Salary or Job satisfaction: Salary to feed my family, pay my bills and job satisfaction for myself. This is why i want to join the banking sector, as i get both.
  3. Why should we select you: Because i am motivated, smart working, have proven leadership qualities and can make a stellar career in banking.
  4. If you don’t get final selection in this examination too what would you do: In life there is no plan B. Actually answer this question as per the mindset of the interviewer. If you are too bold, it might send a wrong signal.

3. Documents you should carry to IBPS interview : I carried the following documents to my IBPS Interview

1)Print out of IBPS Application form

2)Copy of IBPS Interview Call Letter

3)Resume with relevant experience and certificates.

4. Do you know yourself? : When I ask “Do you know yourself” I do not want you to go into deep introspection rather I believe you already know who you are. But how do you portray it to the interviewer? Using my resume, you might answer. Well, yes the resume sets the course of the interview. It determines how the interviewer assess you. Therefore, it is vital to know every word you put in your resume.

  • Before appearing for IBPS interview, go through your resume word by word.
  • Look for any spelling/grammatical erros.
  • Do not put false information. It is better to be true and sure rather than be foolish with made up lies.
  • Make a note of your strengths and emphasize upon them to draw the interviewer’s attention.
  • Be clear about your weaknesses.
  • Do not try to act perfect in an interview.
  • Discuss your weaknesses in a way that you can turn them into potential strengths.

5. Understand the mind frame of the interviewer: When you greet the interviewer for the first time, try and gauge his reaction and personality. Do not be too judgmental, just try and find out whether he/she/they are calm/energetic/relaxed/angry etc. Then mold your presence as per his/her mood. For example: If the interviewer seems to be very quiet, don’t enter as a difficult-to-handle bundle of energy. Use your wits here!

6. Take control of your emotions: At times the interviewer will put you in a spot to gauge how you react to criticism and can you handle problems intuitively. Be ready to be contradicted, appreciated, angered, and even mocked for your responses. Practice to not get carried away and keep your emotions in check. There’s is nothing like right and wrong. If the interviewer contradicts you in an obnoxious manner instead of getting angry, focus on putting your point forward and convince the interviewer in a decent way.

7. Don’t be over-smart: If in the course of the interview, you’re fired with a question you’re totally clueless about, don’t pretend to have heard of it. Simply say ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I’m afraid I have never heard of it’. It will save you from concocting stupid answers and avoid letting the interview go detour. Take your time to answer when stumped with a particularly difficult but answerable question. This assures the interviewer that your aren’t faking it and  your answers are genuine.

8. The Power of body-language: Enough has already been said about dressing right for IBPS interview.

  • Wear a crisp formal shirt which fits you.
  • Trim your fingernails and hair.
  • Shave your facial hair.
  • Wear plated formal pants.
  • Polish your shoes. 9/10 interviewers have said that the last thing they see is the back of the shoe of a candidate. That’s the first as well as the final impression make sure to make it count.

Checkout this Wiki-How page to see tips and tricks of being dressed well for your IBPS interview.

Following are some Do’s and Don’ts for your body language in an Interview. Check them out.

IBPS Interview body-language-dos-donts

















9. Know Your Employer: This is where the real game is. In an IBPS interview a thorough study of your resume isn’t enough. You should be well aware of the role you’re applying for, about the bank in particular, banking sector in general, Job profiles of IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk. A little research and a dialogue practice with yourself would only help you to be better during the IBPS interview.

10. Give Mock IBPS Interviews: The value of Mock Interview cannot be stressed enough. Just like mock tests help you prepare better to score high marks in examination, mock interviews are the best way to prepare for answering IBPS interview questions that the panel members shoot at you. The mock interviewer gives you an honest feedback about how well you performed during the interview and save you from the embarrassment of having to deal with peculiar situations during the interview.

After a Mock Interview you can ask the interviewer to assist you in areas that you can improve. Research areas where you felt your knowledge or answers were not enough. Then again go for subsequent rounds of mock interviews.

The key to interview success is preparation. Mock interviews are the best way to prepare for IBPS interview, as they give you necessary practice to answer interview questions as well as get useful feedback towards how you can respond better. I personally gave around 5 mock interviews( link given below) before going in for the actual interview and you can see where i am right now :).

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Friends I hope the above tips will help you to perform better in your interviews. Share your views and answers to the above questions in the comments section below.Wish you all the best for your interview. If you have any question regarding interviews, please feel free to ask them in the comments section below, I’ll be glad to answer them!


  1. Carry it but attach it in your document file, CV will not be checked at the time of docs verification but can be asked by Interview panel when you’ll carry your file inside, so, it’s better to be prepared with 5-6 copies of CV. They don’t ask for it, but in case they asked, then you can handle them.

  2. Sir my graduate is from BA, if interviewer ask the question that how will you utilise your graduation in our bank then what should I reply them???

  3. Sir its my first interview. And im feeling much nervous. Im unable to get relaxed, even due to which im unable to study properly. im not getting sound sleep from 1 month. what should i do to overcome this fear of interview?

  4. I filled wrong date of birth in my ibps po application form by mistake. Nw what can I do… Please suggest me..

  5. Just take your resume with you when going for the interview Gaurav. We hope this is your last interview. All the very best

  6. Do we need to carry resume? On interview call letter it is not mentioned. Does it make positive impression if we attach resume with our call letter? Please do answer as it is my first interview but i want it my last 😉
    I do need to carry my resume but i fear they might not allow to attach it with call letter… Please suggest

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