IBPS Clerk 20 days Study Plan

IBPS Clerk 20 days Study Plan,  IBPS Clerk Syllabus, Pattern and Preparation in 20 days

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Dear Candidates

More than 50 lakh candidates will be appearing for the IBPS Clerk 2016 exam, Competition is going to be very tough. To make matters slightly easy, we have come with a Preparation plan for IBPS Clerk in 20 days, curated especially for IBPS Clerk Prelims by our group of experts.

IBPS Clerk 20 days Study Plan: IBPS Clerk Syllabus, Pattern and Preparation in 20 days

Pattern of IBPS Clerk Prelims: IBPS Clerk 20 days Study Plan

Sr No. Topic/ Section Questions. Marks Duration
1 Reasoning 35 35 01 hour
2 Quantitative Aptitude 35 35
3 English Language 30 30
 Total 100 100

The test will consist of 100 questions, with 1 marks awarded for each correct answer and 0.25 marks deducted for every wrong answer.

IBPS Clerk 20 days Study Plan: Syllabus

IBPS Clerk Syllabus:

The second step in preparation is getting acquainted with the syllabus for IBPS Clerk Prelims 2016.

IBPS Clerk Syllabus English Language:

There will be 30 questions (easy to moderate difficulty) covering the following topics:(click on the topic for tips , tricks and questions on that topic)

IBPS Clerk Syllabus Reasoning:

In the reasoning section of IBPS Clerk 35 questions will be asked across all difficulty levels, with most of the questions falling under moderate difficulty level. The topics to be covered are:

IBPS Clerk Syllabus Numerical Ability (Quants)

Comparatively, the toughest section IBPS Clerk Prelim 2016. The number of questions asked from Numerical Ability is 35, covering the following topics:

All India Free IBPS Clerk Mock Test

IBPS Clerk 20 days Study Plan:

IBPS Clerk Prelims Preparation in 20 Days

Day 1-3 :

  • Starting today, digest the syllabus and pattern.
  • Go through each topic’s question. You will immediately reckon your likability for each topic. You will notice some topics are easy for you and some are a bit tedious.
  • Identify your strong and weak topics and write them down.
  • Since 50 days are left for the exam, you can afford to give time on weaker areas as well.
  • However, focus most of your strength on sharpening your strength.
  • Start reading a book or any english literature for increasing your reading speed (Click here for Speed Reading Tips )and improving your vocabulary

Day 4-7:

  • Now that you have identified your strong, weak sections its to time to get cracking at concepts.
  • The time divided between strong and weak sections should ideally be 50-50 at this time.
  • Go through individual concepts and solve basic questions.
  • If you find some topics in which you are strong but they are taking a lot of time in solving , put them in weak sections.
  • Keep reading English literature.

Day 8-11:

  • After the end of second week, you now have gained basic knowledge of all the topics and have reached average or above average reading speed.
  • Identify shortcuts and tips tricks for the topics in which you are strong.
  • Start using these new learned tips and tricks to solve questions.
  • The ratio of time allotted to strong vs weak sections should be 60:40. i.e. 60% time should be allotted to topics that you are strong in, learning new ways to attempt questions in that and 40% of time should be allotted to weaker sections.
  • Start giving full length and sectional mock tests.
  • Keep reading!

Day 12-15:

  • By now some weak sections must have turned to sections that you are comfortable in.
  • Leave other weak sections in which you are still not confident.
  • 100% focus should be on questions you can solve confidently and correctly.
  • Analyse your performance in mock tests and identify questions which are gobbling up most time.
  • Solve maximum questions from that section and keep improving your solving speed.
  • The benefits of reading 1 hour daily will start to show its effect now.
  • You would notice you can go through questions swiftly, i.e. you can read the question quickly and get more time to actually solve the questions. This enables you to solve atleast 4-5 questions more than you could normally do. This can be the difference between selection and failure.

Day 16-19: 

  • You can now solve the entire mock test in given duration.
  • Scour for previous year question papers and start solving them in time bound test.
  • If you can solve the previous year paper and clear the respective cut offs, then you are good to go.
  • If you find you are lagging with some marks, then focus on areas where you can increase your scores.
  • Keep practicing hard.
  • Revise concepts and again solve some basic questions(mind you thats necessary. You tend to forget the basics when you go deep into the difficult questions).
  • Stop taking suggestions from ‘Well wishers’ and focus only on your preparation.

Day before the exam:

If you have followed this preparation plan for IBPS Clerk, you have prepared exceptionally well. Have no worries , get a sound sleep of 8 hours and have light food. All the best for the next day!

We hope you find the above preparation plan for 20 days useful. Please ask your questions and queries in the comments section below and we will make sure to answer them promptly.

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