IBM Placement Papers & Test Pattern

IBM Campus Placement Papers & Test Pattern

International Business Machine, commonly known as IBM is a global IT service provider headquartered in New York, USA. IBM is into both hardware and software domain. And that’s why IBM conducts off-campus & on-campus placement tests to recruit for both hardware and software engineers. The IBM Placement Papers generally tough and to qualify these IBM Placement Papers, you need to clear all the sectional cut-offs of the test.

The IBM Selection Procedure, Eligibility Criteria, and Test-Pattern are as follows:

IBM Selection Process:

IBM conducts a recruitment process every year to select new candidates. The IBM selection process consists of two rounds:

  • Written Exam
  • Interview (Technical as well as HR round)

IBM Eligibility Criteria:

  • 65 percent or above in class X, XII and B.Tech
  • You should not have any backlog at the time of interview.


IBM test Pattern:

The pattern for the IBM Placement Papers is as follows:

Topic Duration (in minutes) Total No of Questions Cut Off (Expected)
Quantitative Aptitude 38 18 8-10 Marks
Number Series 38 18 8-10 Marks
English 20 22 12-14 Marks

IBM Placement Papers Marking Scheme:

Sectional Cut-off Yes
Negative Timing Yes

IBM Placement Papers Section wise details:

IBM Placement Papers pattern Quantitative Aptitude

  • The Quantitative Aptitude section of IBM Placement Exam will assess your mathematical skills.
  • You will have to solve 18 Questions in 38 Minutes.
  • The questions in IBM are of a higher level and thus generally are time-consuming.
  • You will find questions from topics like Algebra, Linear equations, PnC and Probability, Height and Distance, Time & work, Time & Distance etc.
  • You may also find a few DI based questions.
  • The key strategy in IBM placement test is to solve these questions with high focus and full concentration.

IBM Placement papers pattern Number Series

  • The Number series section of IBM placement papers will check your analytical skills.
  • You will have to solve 18 questions in 38 minutes.
  • The questions in IBM placement test of number series will be highly logical and tricky.
  • You will find questions with varying difficulty and logic.
  • The key strategy in IBM Number Series section is to attempt easier questions first and not to spent much time on trickier questions.

IBM Placement Papers pattern Verbal Ability

  • The Verbal ability section of IBM placement papers will check your language and grammar skills.
  • You will have to solve 22 questions in 20 minutes.
  • The time per question will be less as compared to other sections.
  • In IBM placement papers of verbal ability section, you will find questions from English Language as well as English Grammar.
  • You will find approx 10-12 questions from each of the above topics.
  • Your key strategy in this IBM placement paper will be to solve verbal ability questions with high focus & accuracy.


IBM Placement Papers Recommended Strategy:

IBM Placement Papers Strategy Quantitative Aptitude

  • In the IBM quantitative aptitude paper, your ultimate focus should be to solve all the easier questions first.
  • Therefore, try to solve at least 10-12 questions.
  • The sectional cutoff of IBM quantitative aptitude paper will not be high.
  • So, even if you get 5-7 questions correct, you will easily be able to clear your sectional cutoff of the quantitative aptitude section.
  • Your key strategy of IBM quantitative aptitude section will be to identify those 5-7 easy questions and then focus on attempting all those questions.

IBM Placement papers Strategy Number Series

  • In the IBM number series paper, your focus should be the identify those series based questions that are easy to solve.
  • Therefore, you must try to solve at least 10-12 number series questions.
  • Also, you should remember that sectional cutoff of IBM number series section will not be very high.
  • So, even if you get 9-10 number series questions correct, you are very likely to clear your sectional cutoff of number series section.
  • The key strategy to follow in IBM number series section is to identify those 8-10 questions then go for them with full focus.

IBM Placement Papers Strategy Verbal Ability

  • In the IBM verbal ability paper, your focus should be to attempt more questions in less time.
  • Therefore, you focus should be to solve at least 14-15 questions.
  • Also, do remember that the sectional cutoff of IBM verbal ability paper may go a bit high.
  • So, try to get atleast 10-12 English questions correct, and you will easily be able to clear the IBM verbal ability section cutoff.
  • Therefore, the key strategy to follow in IBM verbal ability section is to solve the verbal ability questions in a sequential manner.
  • So, you must focus on solving questions related to language and grammar.
  • And, depenfing upon the time, you can decide your strategy (as per your ability).


IBM Previous Year Paper pdf:

The IBM Previous Year Paper will help you get an idea about the types of questions generally asked in IBM Placement Papers.

Click here to download free pdf of IBM Previous Year Paper

IBM Placement Papers Overview:

  • International Business Machine, IBM as an organization conducts recruitment tests throughout the year for recruitment of software and hardware engineers.
  • The IBM recruitment processs is one of the best in the Industry.
  • The main agenda of IBM placement papers conducted by IBM is to test your subject knowledge and decision making skills.
  • So, if you are planning to appear for IBM placement, do make sure that you have gone through these IBM placement papers well in advance.
  • Therefore, do frame a clear strategy to solve the tests.

IBM Placement Papers & test pattern Disclaimer:

  • This above-mentioned information regarding IBM Placement Papers is as per feedback given by the candidates opting for IBM Placement papers.
  • Therefore, We at Mockbank, do not guarantee the exactness with the IBM hiring process.

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So, friends, this is it from our side regarding IBM Placement papers. Also, if you have any questions regarding IBM placement papers and test pattern, feel free to ask them in the comments section below.